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Resources, examples and opinions on the use of technology by not-for-profits

Four ways to give your not-for-profit's CRM a kickstart

Trying to manage multiple spreadsheets or data sources for each of your clients? A good constituent relationship management (CRM) solution can make things a lot easier. Here are four ways you can get started.

Remaining Technologically Innovative in the Wilderness

Staying connected when you’re working in remote areas or having to respond to disasters can be the difference between life and death. Will Dobud from True North Expeditions shares how they’re using technology to stay safe and stay connected.

Deloitte warns that every NFP is open to cyber attacks

Deloitte has warned that all organisations are at risk of being the victim of a cyber-attack. Not-for-profits relying more on technology need to be prepared.

Why your not-for-profit needs to know about mobile

Understanding mobile technology is a must for not-for-profits. Whether it’s for online fundraising, the accessing high-speed connections or finding innovative ways to support your community, mobile matter. John Kenyon explains.

Microsoft kicks off 2013 with huge product updates

If your not-for-profit wants to stay up-to-date with its software, now is the time to start getting into gear. Microsoft have updated many of their products – including Windows and Office, ready for the new year.

Tech for good at CES 2013

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a great way to see what’s coming up in the next year or two for technology trends – especially for not-for-profits relying on technology.

How good design can boost your online presence

With 2013 just around the corner, we know a lot of not-for-profits are thinking about priorities – and budgets – for 2013. Jason Sew Hoy, COO of 99designs explains how important it is to invest in good design is for your online presence.

Three ways to get digital this Christmas – and do some good!

Thinking about how to use digital for your not-for-profit? Joni Freeman from Good Return shares how they're using digital to do good this Christmas

How to use digital storytelling to improve your organisation

Seeing something is far more appealing than pages and pages of text, which is where digital storytelling comes into play.

5 guides to get your not-for-profit Windows 8 ready

Looking at upgrading to Windows 8 or already taken the plunge? Here are a number of helpful guides to show you how to make the most of Windows 8 for your not-for-profit.


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