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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database

Posted on 23/09/15 by Guest Author
Without good data your whole fundraising strategy falls down. How can you report on your fundraising success if you can’t figure out which gifts have been paid? How can you accurately segment your donors if everyone on the team records information differently? Without good data, it is impossible for you to manage donor relationships effectively.

Connecting Up Events Program 101

Posted on 08/09/15 by Tori Jaffer
If you've ever found yourself in a sticky situation around our events program or maybe you're not sure how to go about registering, then have a read below and make sure you know back to front the ins and outs of the Events Program!

5 Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Posted on 25/08/15 by Guest Author
Cloud accounting has been around for quite a while now, but even still, the idea of taking our data to the cloud can be a little confronting for some. With these technological enhancements, there’s never been a better time to understand the opportunities to optimise and grow your business. If you’ve been meaning to brush up on the great benefits, this one’s for you.
How to Manage IT Relationships

How to manage your IT responsibilities with no technical background

Posted on 14/08/15 by R & G Technologies
Are you tasked with managing the relationship with your outsourced IT provider, but lack an IT background? Maybe you are a finance or office manager who is in control of all support services. If yes, read on.

The sticky FAQ's answered!

Posted on 03/08/15 by Tori Jaffer
In recent months I have spent time working with the amazing customer support team here at Connecting Up. I learnt firsthand how to field the thousands of varied questions and requests that come in each week from our customers, and boy were there a lot!
Windows 10

Get Windows 10 for Your Organisation

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Windows 10 is here! For many organisations, the upgrade is free. Learn how to upgrade your systems.
Windows 10

What's New in Windows 10

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Learn about top new features in Microsoft's latest operating system

Get ready for the new financial year!

Posted on 04/06/15 by Tori Jaffer
Take notice of the partner allowances and limitations and avoid missing out on technology - review your IT infrastructure today

Microsoft Catalogue Update: Same Products, New Names

Posted on 22/05/15 by Mathan Allington
Wondering why there's no longer a reference to year or version information in Microsoft product names in the Connecting Up catalogue? We've simplified these names, and you can now choose the specific year or version on Microsoft's VLSC website when you're downloading the software.

Get the open rates your emails deserve!

Posted on 22/05/15 by Tori Jaffer
There is a lot that comes into my email inbox on a daily basis, so how can you make your organisations' email communications stand out from the rest?


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