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First 'National Op Shop Week' launched by charity organisation 'Do Something!'

Posted on 24/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
For those that have been putting off a spring clean, procrastinate no further - charity op shops around the country are in need of donated goods. Today marks the beginning of the first National Op Shop Week, which will run through until September 30, and is organised by the Australian charity 'Do Something!'. According to research, the amount of donations to op shops has been declining, especially of clothing items.

First coffee, now chocolate - what won't people give up for charity?

Posted on 21/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
While donations are always warmly welcomed by most Australian charities, a few have been thinking outside the square lately when it comes to creating fundraising campaigns. Instead of asking people to part with their hard-earned cash, some organisations have designed challenges that ask them to sacrifice something a little different.

Need help with your presentation? SlideRocket shares two handy guidebooks

Posted on 20/09/12 by Ben Teoh
It's no secret that good presentations need good design and good communication - but it can be tough. Here are two guidebooks to help you with both.

Welcoming our new CEO

Posted on 20/09/12 by Ben Teoh
Change is in the air at Connecting Up as we say goodbye to our leader, Doug Jacquier and welcome our new CEO.

The Vodafone App Aid begins!

Posted on 20/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
Today (September 20) marks the beginning of the Vodafone App Aid, a two-day charity event that connects not-for-profits with app developers. There are ten teams in total, with each Australian charity having been paired with an app developer.

How important is breathing space to your mental health?

Posted on 18/09/12 by Bonnie Baguley
Almost half (45% or 7.3 million) of Australians aged 16-85 years have had a mental disorder at some time in their life

Tech in action - Show the world what you're up to!

Posted on 18/09/12 by Ben Teoh
Our global partner, TechSoup is calling for not-for-profits to show how their using technology to make a difference. Find out how your organisation can win a free dynamic infographic from Karma Store.

Charity urges people to give up coffee to raise awareness about mental illness

Posted on 18/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
From lattes to long blacks, to soy mochaccinos and skinny flat whites, coffee is an integral part of the Australian culture. Many people find it hard to go a day without their morning caffeine fix, while others find themselves unable to go a few hours without an instant cuppa at work! Yet even the seriously addicted may be seriously considering giving up coffee for a good cause during the month of October.

Charity Ball to celebrate the work of Child Wise

Posted on 18/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
Melburnians may be keen to hear about an upcoming charity event in the Victorian capital. The Child Wise Charity Ball will be taking place on Saturday October 13, at the Palladium at Crown to celebrate 20 years of Child Wise. Beginning at 19:00 local time, the event promises $60,000 worth of prizes and auction items.

NEW RESEARCH: Not-For-Profits and the Cloud

Posted on 14/09/12 by Ryan Jones
Earlier this year, we reached out to you with TechSoup Global's Global Cloud Survey. With more than 10,500 respondents in 88 countries, we're pleased to add the results to our ever-expanding resources for not-for-profits and those that support you.


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