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A closer look: Microsoft Get Genuine software

Posted on 14/08/13 by Ben Teoh
Microsoft offer donations of full versions of its Windows operating systems available through the Microsoft Get Genuine program. Here's what it means for your not-for-profit.

The 12 most common social media mistakes made by not-for-profits

Posted on 13/08/13 by Ben Teoh
I love seeing not-for-profits using social media but too often I see and hear the same mistakes being made.

Get face-to-face help with your IT by looking in the right places

Posted on 06/08/13 by Simon Gee
Need a bit of face-to-face help with your IT needs? Local user groups could be the key to getting your questions answered. Here’s how to find them.

August webinars: Client and relationship management

Posted on 02/08/13 by Melita Ferguson
This month Connecting Up will be bringing you a series of webinars to help your not-for-profit effectively manage information through systems such as CRM. We will also be delivering a webinar on how to deal with comments on social media to effectively manage supporter relationships.

A closer look: Why do digital products go out of stock?

Posted on 30/07/13 by Ben Teoh
Every now and then, you may notice that a product on our website goes out of stock – and it can be confusing because most of the products we have are available digitally. Here’s a closer look at the reason why.

Facebook now lets you know when your fans are online

Posted on 26/07/13 by Ben Teoh
Facebook is rolling out its latest update to its Page Insights and there’s one hot new feature that everyone’s talking about. Now you can see when your fans are on Facebook.

Kickstart your marketing career at Connecting Up!

Posted on 25/07/13 by Ben Teoh
Are you looking to get a start in marketing but don't have any formal qualifications and want to work with not-for-profits? We're looking for a trainee to join the team.

Getting your NFP ready for the NBN

Posted on 19/07/13 by Allison Miller
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is helping to deliver super-fast internet which is changing the way we do business. In order to get the most out of the digital economy which high speed broadband brings us, every not-for-profit (NFP) business needs to be NBN-ready now, even before they are actually connected.

July webinars: Tips and strategies to plan for your IT more effectively

Posted on 10/07/13 by Christine Halim
IT planning is becoming an increasingly important task in a world where technology is evolving rapidly and we are spoiled for choice but have less and less time and resources available to afford making the wrong decisions.

Four ways charities can build trust and increase donations

Posted on 09/07/13 by Ben Teoh
A recent study shows exactly what influences people to donate to charities - and it's all about trust. Here are four tips and examples for your not-for-profit.


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