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Google adds information about nonprofits to the Knowledge Graph

Posted on 22/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
When a nonprofit organisation is searched on Google, you will see information on the right side of the search results that highlights the nonprofits' cause, recent Google Plus posts and financials. Google announced on April 10 that they have started to add information about nonprofits to the Knowledge Graph - so it may become necessary for your charity organisation to create a Google+ page if you don't already have one in action!

ACNC launches good governance guide for charity board members

Posted on 19/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) officially launched a guide for good governance on April 15, which ACNC assistant commissioner David Locke says would be the 'first of many' helpful guides and publications. Governance for Good - the ACNC's guide for charity board members is written specifically for charity board members, focussing on good governance, "the cornerstone of effectively run charities" Mr Locke said.

Share your not-for-profit’s story with the world with #TSDigs13

Posted on 18/04/13 by Ben Teoh
Every not-for-profit has a story and it’s time to share yours with the world! The annual TechSoup Digital Storytelling competition is on now with great prizes up for grabs.

New legislation allows courts to direct donations to charities

Posted on 18/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
Charity organisations can continue to receive proceeds from court-ordered donations, after the Victorian Coalition Government introduced legislation into Parliament on April 16 that allows this action. This comes after a supreme court ruling that held that the 'long-standing practice' of courts requiring offender to make a donation to a charity or the court fund was invalid.

Twitter Advertising's marketing tips for not-for-profits

Posted on 17/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
Twitter is a fantastic platform for not-for-profit marketing activities, allowing followers to get real-time updates on current campaigns and also providing the opportunity for them to interact and get in on the campaigns themselves with images and hashtag posts! charity:water is a non-profit organisation established in New York City that works to bring safe drinking water to 800 million people around the world who live without it.

Call for applications in round four of the Digital Enterprise program

Posted on 17/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
The federal government has provided $10 million in grant funding to establish and support the Digital Enterprise program, which is aimed at helping not-for-profit organisations in over 40 communities better understand how they can maximise opportunities enabled by the NBN. The Digital Enterprise program provides face-to-face support and free group training for small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to help improve the way business is done and how services are delivered online.

Email, Facebook and web browsing most popular activities on smartphones - IDC report

Posted on 16/04/13 by Connecting Up N...
Smartphones are becoming the essential everyday tool for many Australians, with these portable devices helping us to carry out a number of tasks. Not only can they help us with our work, but they can also assist with our social connections and activities. According to a recent research report released by IDC - and sponsored by Facebook - half of the total US population uses smartphones, with the number of users expected to reach over 222 million in 2017.

Order D-Link networking equipment and win!

Posted on 10/04/13 by Ryan Jones
Now you can help your organisation setup a quality network, and go into the draw to win a scooter!

April webinars: Unleashing the power of mobile technology for your not-for-profit

Posted on 03/04/13 by Christine Halim
This month we will bring you webinars that cover mobile web, mobile app and how you can use mobile campaigns to grow your donors and supporters.

Branded content to engage and gain trust from your audience

Posted on 27/03/13 by Connecting Up N...
According to a survey by independent research company Forrester, branded content can help "unlock the key" to consumer trust. This information could prove to be useful for your charity organisation's not-for-profit marketing activities.


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