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Getting your NFP ready for the NBN

Posted on 19/07/13 by Allison Miller
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is helping to deliver super-fast internet which is changing the way we do business. In order to get the most out of the digital economy which high speed broadband brings us, every not-for-profit (NFP) business needs to be NBN-ready now, even before they are actually connected.

July webinars: Tips and strategies to plan for your IT more effectively

Posted on 10/07/13 by Christine Halim
IT planning is becoming an increasingly important task in a world where technology is evolving rapidly and we are spoiled for choice but have less and less time and resources available to afford making the wrong decisions.

Four ways charities can build trust and increase donations

Posted on 09/07/13 by Ben Teoh
A recent study shows exactly what influences people to donate to charities - and it's all about trust. Here are four tips and examples for your not-for-profit.

Get the right NFP pricing on your IT this financial year

Posted on 03/07/13 by Ben Teoh
If you haven't already started thinking about your not-for-profit's IT needs, make sure you take these three easy steps to make sure you're making the right decisions.

Calxa takes to the Cloud with MYOB AccountRight Live

Posted on 01/07/13 by Ben Teoh
Does your NFP use MYOB AccountRight Live in the Cloud? Calxa's donated software now gives you the option to create budget and cashflow forecasts from your Cloud data.

Connecting Up 2013: A delegate's point of view - Jessica Brake and Kelly Banister

Posted on 24/06/13 by Christine Halim
Connecting Up awarded a number of scholarships for NFPs to attend our 2013 conference. Here's what Jessica Brake of MRCLC and Kelly Banister of Australian Women's Health Network had to say.

What Facebook and Instagram's latest updates mean for not-for-profits

Posted on 21/06/13 by Ben Teoh
Facebook has released a number of updates on their network and also on Instagram. Here's what you need to know.

NetSquared Sydney is back!

Posted on 17/06/13 by Ben Teoh
If you’re looking for a local group to hang out with in Sydney that’s interested in using the social web for social good, then NetSquared Sydney is the place for you!

HootSuite offers 20% discount to Australian Not-for-profits

Posted on 13/06/13 by Ben Teoh
With over 5 million users across the globe, HootSuite are one of the leading social media management tools out there. Now, through Connecting Up, they’re making it easier for NFPs to access a 20% discount on their accounts.

What hashtags on Facebook means for not-for-profits

Posted on 13/06/13 by Ben Teoh
Hashtags are coming to Facebook and it means another major shift in how people will use the world’s largest social network.


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