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Connecting Up Supplier Directory

Connecting Up’s Suppliers Directory was born out of a need to provide high quality and trusted ICT services to Australian not-for-profit organisations.

For not-for-profit organisations

Not-for-profit organisations registered with Connecting Up are able to use the Suppliers Directory to:

  • Find IT suppliers experienced in serving not-for-profit organisations in your local area
  • Ask questions of both IT providers and other not-for-profits in our Question and Answer forums
  • Help other not-for-profits by validating your past or present IT suppliers

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For IT suppliers

IT consultants, solution providers and suppliers in our Suppliers Directory are all afforded the opportunity to:

  • Engage directly with not-for-profits in our Question and Answer forums
  • Highlight your own Special Offers to a growing database of over 14000 not-for-profits with ICT needs
  • Strengthen their reputations within the not-for-profit sector as reliable technology resources

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