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Case Studies

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Musicians Making a Difference

Musicians Make a Difference
Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) is an Australian charity using innovative music, dance and mentoring programs to address emotional, social & physical needs of young people aged between 12 & 29, targeting chronically homeless youth, young offenders and traumatised youth.


The Wool Factory


Microsoft and Symantec give Lions share to Hearing Dogs

Lions Hearing Dogs
Lions Hearing Dogs were privileged to become a part of the international web design competition Full Code Press 2010. Using the donated Microsoft software, Front Page, they received via the DonorTec program, they in fact won the international competition. "We couldn't be more pleased with the service. DonorTec and partners has been a lifeline for Lion's Hearing Dogs."

Communication is key for DSV

Down Syndrome Victoria
Jocelyn Geary, Office Manager for DSV states "Down Syndrome Victoria is largely about providing information in a specialised area - therefore our communication systems are critical to be able to do this effectively. The DonorTec program has allowed us to provide the necessary tools for our staff to do their jobs effectively."

No knit-wit when it comes to finding software

Pamela Tatt - Knit4Charities
Pamela Tatt says of DonorTec "It's been an easy process to get the software. DonorTec and its partners, especially Microsoft have been very helpful and it is an extremely cost effective service, particularly when you're on a shoestring budget."

Solutions in IT - as easy as 1,2,3

Uniting Church Child Care Association

“Minimising software expenditure means we have more in our budget to invest in extra staff for children with special needs. I’d really like to thank and give recognition to the companies that discount and donate their software. Using DonorTec has just been brilliant for us.”