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Case Studies

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Assisting RHL to put lives back together

Regional Housing Limited flood affected area
In the town of Bundaberg floods affected hundreds of people who were displaced and in desperate need of somewhere to live. In this time of need, Regional Housing Limited became responsible for finding 127 people who were now without a home, somewhere to stay. Amazingly they were able to find permanent accommodation for everyone.

Helping in the pursuit of happiness

Leisure Networks at work

“We discovered we were all over the place with our software which was creating a risk to our organisation. We were recommended certain applications to fix the problem – however the cost was going to be unaffordable. Luckily we were referred to DonorTec and from there fixing it just became such an easy process. The support was unbelievable. We were blown away with the service.”

DonorTec Impact | One image is all it takes

It was amazing to receive a number of great photographs that show the fantastic work that Australian charities and nonprofits are doing all over the country in our latest competition, One image is all it takes.

A helping hand for SA’s disabled

Jill Seeman, IT Manager at Bedford Inc, says of DonorTec "We wouldn't have the calibre of hardware that we do without the program. It has allowed us to maintain a competitive business. The program is easy to use, the staff very helpful and DonorTec are constantly expanding the product offering. Without the services of DonorTec and the donations of their partners Bedford Inc would struggle to survive."

DonorTec Impact | Microsoft helping Australia CARE

“We’re very grateful and thankful for the software that we have received via DonorTec. The money saved is unrestricted funds and these are our most precious dollars”

“Having more money available to us means we can greatly expand our online presence and our marketing. This means more exposure and more exposure means more donations”

DonorTec Impact | Microsoft plays key role for Opera Australia

Grant Creswell, IT Manager for Opera Australia says they are considered to have a leading edge in the arts as far as technology is concerned and are often asked how it is they can do this.

Grant advises it is due to the remarkable opportunity Microsoft has given them by generously donating software through the DonorTec program.

DonorTec Impact | Kurbingui Youth Association

"When the software arrived it truly was like Christmas unwrapping all that stuff. We tried to think ahead to encompass our needs for the coming year at least, and the saving is immeasurable. This has meant that we can plan ahead for developing programs and know that we have the resources on hand instead of waiting for a funding opportunity."

DonorTec Impact | Seniors have Access to safe and confident living

“The people who work on our register and computers are most grateful to Microsoft for making this software available to us," says Marie. “Thank you DonorTec for making this possible - every bit of help we can get is just terrific."

DonorTec Impact | Women of Bega, doing ‘IT’ for themselves

The Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) is a valuable organisation that provides free resources, information and referrals to women on a range of issues.

Being able to upgrade for free to the latest Microsoft offerings available is of great assistance to those who are studying, running a small business or just simply wanting to learn more about computers. 

In fact Microsoft has played a major role in a ‘very small organisation’ development to offer assistance to all women living in the Bega Valley region – which extends to a staggering 33,000 square kilometres.

DADS get the tools to build a better life

Graham Mayer, Executive Director of D.A.D.S. says, "We currently have no funding whatsoever, we just can't afford the Microsoft software required to provide for our members. Having Microsoft donate their software through DonorTec means we can share information easily with our members and keep one another informed."