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Current 2-Year Microsoft donation cycle:
Begins once a Microsoft donation has been requested.
Microsoft software donations are allotted over 2-year cycles. An organisation's first 2-year cycle begins when it places its first Microsoft donation request through Connecting Up. After two years, a new cycle begins, and the allotment is reset.

Rules, At A Glance (See full Microsoft Software Donation Program Rules)

  1. You may request donations from up to 10 of over 70 available Microsoft title groups.
  2. You may request up to 50 licenses per Microsoft title group.
  3. You may request up to 5 server licenses, regardless of server title group.
  4. There is no limit on the number of requests an organization may make within a cycle.

Note: The above rules apply to the 2-year cycle only, allotments reset when a new 2-year cycle begins.

Title Groups

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A title group is a grouping of products that serve essentially the same purpose for an organisation. For example: Visio Pro, Visio Standard and Visio Premium are all under the Visio title group. Connecting Up offers donations from over 70 title groups, with more being added each year.

Microsoft and You

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Check out ways to recognize Microsoft's product donations, and learn how technology can increase your own organisation's visibility.

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Microsoft Donations Received for This Cycle (See full request history)

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