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O and O Software

O and O software

O&O provides tools for performance, data security, data recovery, and system administration on Windows-based desktops, notebooks, and servers in over 140 countries.

The software O&O donates to Australian not-for-profits has been tailored to suit the needs of small through to large organisations.

You can use O&O software to:

  •      - Prevent losing important organisational data and recover it if it's lost
  •      - Improve the performance of computers so they can be used longer before being replaced
  •      - Minimize the time spent by IT administrators ensuring computer performance


      As a German based manufacturer, it is not surprising that 75% of the companies listed in the German Stock Exchange are using O&O solutions as are over 40% of the "Forbes 100 International" companies. Countless awards from the trade press confirm O&O's commitment to their customers.


      Incidentally, The name "O&O" came about spontaneously, because the two founders first names begin with "O".


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