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Webinar: Finding the perfect CRM for your non-profit

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
24 Jan 2017 |

There are countless organisations in Asia-Pacific searching for a new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) or Supporter Relationship Management (SRM) solution to manage donors, prospects, volunteers, members, and other key constituencies. Some organisations want a true organisation-wide CRM/SRM, which will be used by fundraising AND departments outside of fundraising. All of these non-profit organisations are attempting to find the right fit, at the right price, at the right time. They want a solution, which will accelerate their organisation's productivity.

Price: $25 ($20 for Premium Members)

Auspicing Webinar

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
01 Feb 2017 |

Are you thinking about entering into an auspice arrangement with another organisation? Need to know more before you take the next step? Join our specialist Not-for-profit Law lawyers who will talk you through setting up a legally sound agreement.

Getting Started Webinar

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
22 Feb 2017 |

Thinking about setting up a community organisation? The decisions you make now are some of the most important ones you’ll make. This FREE introductory webinar will provide the low-down on legal requirements for starting a not-for-profit organisation - from choosing the right structure to registering as a charity.

Governance for New Board Members Webinar

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
08 Mar 2017 |

You’ve become a board member, now what? What are your legal duties? Do you understand your organisation’s rules? This session will talk you through the basics of what it means to be a board member and help you understand the legal side of governing an organisation.

Sub-contracts & Joint Working Arrangements Webinar

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
12 Apr 2017 |

If you’re thinking about entering into a sub-contract arrangement, join us for this specialist webinar as we talk you through how to set up a legally sound agreement.

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