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Due to the recent issues in South Australia, Connecting Up's phone and email service may be intermittently disrupted. Please contact us via 1300 731 844 or at and we will respond as soon as we are able.


Online Course: Social Media Bootcamp (October/November 2016)

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
05 Oct 2016 to 09 Nov 2016 |

The Social Media Bootcamp (6-week course) is an opportunity for you to delve into the world of social media and to set up the platforms, structures and processes to make it successful in your organisation.

Price: $225 ($180 for Premium Members)

Workshop (Darwin) - Get started with social media

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
12 Oct 2016 | Darwin

Are you looking to get started with social media for your organisation? Not sure if you need a Facebook page, profile or group? Think Twitter might work better?

Join us for this half day workshop to help you understand how to get your not-for-profit or small business started with social media.

Workshop (Darwin) - Take your social media to the next level

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
12 Oct 2016 | Darwin

Is your organisation's social media profile look a bit sad? Is it languishing on 299 likes and you're looking for a way to boost it? This workshop is for you.

Webinar: The 7 Silliest Mistakes made by Australian Non-Profits

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
12 Oct 2016 |

There are a number of trends changing the shape of the Australian non-profit sector: an ageing society, rapidly increasing demand for services, increasing donor sophistication in a digital world and the growing trend towards individualised funding by government. Despite the intense competition and these significant structural shifts, many non-profit organisations seem to be repeating the same fundamental mistakes.

Price: $45 ($36 for Premium Members)

Workshop (Darwin) - Websites for beginners

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
13 Oct 2016 | Darwin

Does your organisation need a website? Have you inherited an out of date website that needs an update? Then join us for this half day workshop that covers the basics of getting started with websites: what to look for, what to avoid, and how to set clear requirements.

Calxa Club Sydney

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
13 Oct 2016 |

Meet the Calxa Team for an interactive and informative discussion. This free session covers ‘Measure Success: KPI Tips, Tricks and Metrics’ and how to run a good business. The Calxa Team will share the concepts of a valuable management report and how this can enhance your decision-making.

Workshop (Darwin) - Search engine optimisation and conversion for beginners

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
13 Oct 2016 | Darwin

Not sure what Search Engine Optimisation is all about? Struggling with getting traffic to your website? Getting lots of traffic but no one clients or customers? Getting your SEO and SEM confused with your WWW?

This half day workshop will introduce the concepts of SEO. We'll look not just at SEO, but we'll look at usability and conversion - making sure your website gets found, and then people can find what to do on your website.

During this afternoon workshop we will cover:

Workshop (Darwin) - MailChimp and email newsletters for beginners

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
14 Oct 2016 | Darwin

Are you still sending print newsletters? Do you send announcements using Outlook, or mail merge, without knowing what's working?

This half day workshop will introduce you to email newsletters, and we'll setup MailChimp accounts to get started. You will learn:

Webinar: Best Practice Grant-Seeking for Small Organisations: hints, tips and how to avoid common pitfalls

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
18 Oct 2016 |

In this webinar Harriett Carter from Strategic Grants teaches you the basic, best-practice must-haves of a successful grants-program and how to avoid the most common pitfalls of those new to grant-seeking.

Price: $45 ($36 for Premium Members)

Working with Volunteers - Emerging Issues webinar

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
19 Oct 2016 |

This webinar will provide the latest cases, issues and changes to the law relating to the engagement of volunteers. If you engage volunteers in your organisation this webinar is not to be missed!


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