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Online course: Social media bootcamp

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
23 Sep 2014 to 28 Oct 2014 | Online

After a sell-out of our first series, we are excited to be bringing you the second series of the social media bootcamp. This online, interactive course will offer you 6 weekly webinars that will introduce you to different social media platforms, help you conduct social media audit on your organisation, strategically help you design a crisis plan, create compelling content for your next campaign and introduce you to tools your organisation can deploy to measure results and a lot more.

Webinar: Introduction to the Suppliers Directory for IT professionals

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
24 Sep 2014 | Online

Register today for this free webinar and learn all about Connecting Up's newly launched Suppliers Directory.

Webinar: Leveraging social media for not-for-profit events

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
25 Sep 2014 | Online

Join experts from Social Media for Nonprofits in understanding how your organisation can use social media to make your next event your best ever.

Webinar: Best practice strategies to clean up and maintain your database

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
02 Oct 2014 | Online

Do you know what condition the data in your database is in? Register today for this webinar and learn how to evaluate the state of your data, develop steps in putting your database back in working order and discover way to increase donor retention and appeal response rates.

Webinar: Building a sustainable organisation

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
15 Oct 2014 | Online

Join this free webinar and determine what services you are actually providing, how to structure your accounting system to get the information you need, how to report on the profitability of your activities and more. The webinar will highlight lessons from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout.

Webinar: How not-for-profits and social enterprises win in crowdfunding

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
21 Oct 2014 | Online

Register today for this webinar on crowdfunding and learn the basics of crowdfunding for social cause organisations, apply crowdfuning principles to your campaign and more.

Community ExecNet Breakfast: Drive the tech agenda before it drives you!

EVENT TYPE: Other-events
22 Oct 2014 | Adelaide

CBB presents the next Community ExecNet event for Not for Profit CEOs, Executives and Board Members. Each quarter we provide CEOs, Executives and NFP Board Members with the opportunity to come together to discuss a particular topic, hear from engaging speakers and share knowledge.

Numbers are limited and attendance is restricted to Executives and Board Members within Not for Profits to encourage openness and collaboration. We encourage you to bring a number of representatives from your Management Team and Board.

About the Speakers

Online course: Technology leadership academy

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
04 Nov 2014 to 09 Dec 2014 | Online

Technology leadership academy led by John Kenyon, a not-for-profit technology educator and strategist helping not-for-profits for over 20 years, this online course will help you make the most of the time that you devote to thinking about technology, by diving into the strategies and tactics that help foster integrating technology well into your organisation.

Webinar: Creating mobile workforce using Cloud computing technology

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
26 Nov 2014 | Online

In this webinar Gordon Tan will highlight cloud computing technologies not-for-profit organisations of all sizes are currently leveraging to become more efficient as well as provide you with two real-world case studies of organisations who are already reaping the benefits of embracing a mobility driven strategy.

Webinar: Connecting Up technology donations program overview

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
10 Dec 2014 | Online

Have you registered with our technology donations program but don't know what products you need? Then this webinar is for you!

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