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Online course: Making the most of Google Grants, AdWords and Analytics

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
05 Aug 2015 to 16 Sep 2015 | Online

We are excited to present our first online course on Google Grants. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will learn the basics of Google Grants, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, keywords, extensions, search engine optimisation, reporting and more. Spots are limited, register today!

SA Employer's Breakfast: Fair Work?

EVENT TYPE: Other-events
29 Aug 2015 | Hilton

Webinar: Introduction to Microsoft Office 365

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
01 Sep 2015 | Online

With Microsoft now donating Office 365 for Nonprofits, find out more about what it can do, and get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Online course: Social media bootcamp

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
03 Sep 2015 to 08 Oct 2015 | Online

After a sell-out of our first three series, we are excited to be bringing you the fourth series of the social media bootcamp. This online, interactive course will offer you 6 weekly webinars that will introduce you to different social media platforms, help you conduct social media audit on your organisation, strategically help you design a crisis plan, create compelling content for your next campaign and introduce you to tools your organisation can deploy to measure results and a lot more.

Webinar: Google for Nonprofits overview

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
15 Sep 2015 | Online

Google have now made their Google for Nonprofits program available in Australia and New Zealand, so join us for this webinar to explore what not-for-profits and charities can access through this program and how it can help.

Webinar: Introduction to SharePoint

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
17 Sep 2015 | Online

This webinar is ideal for organisations who would like to learn more about what SharePoint is and does, and provides valuable insights and best-practice tips, crucial to a successful SharePoint implementation.

Webinar: YouTube for Nonprofits

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
22 Sep 2015 | Online

With YouTube for Nonprofits now available in Australia and New Zealand, register for this webinar to find out more about how it can help your organisation.

Webinar: Connecting Up technology donations program overview

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
23 Sep 2015 | Online

Have you registered with Connecting Up's technology donations program but don't know what products you need? Then this webinar is for you!

Webinar: Google Apps for Nonprofits

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
29 Sep 2015 | Online

Google are now donating Google Apps for Nonprofits. So what is included, and what can your organisation do with it? Register today and find out how your organisation can benefit from Google for Nonprofits program.

Webinar: Office 365 implementation considerations

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
30 Sep 2015 | Online

Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud offers many not-for-profits significant benefits. This presentation gives an overview of the features of Office 365, explores the benefits other organisations have gained from making the move to the Cloud and identify factors that organisations should consider when planning the move to Office 365.


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