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Workshop: Public Relations and Media for Not-For-Profits and Community Groups

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
16 Feb 2016 | West Perth

Media coverage can be a great tool to spread awareness of your cause, but how do you get it?

Not-for-profit organisations can’t always afford media officers or PR consultants, so how can we work smarter to achieve our goals within limited budgets?

If you’re new to public relations or working with media, this interactive full day workshop will give you the tools you need.

Webinar: How to Create a Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
16 Feb 2016 | Online

IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning often gets put on the back burner for many organisations. In this webinar we discuss why Disaster Recovery Planning should be a top priority in 2016. Covering topics like: protecting your data; how the cloud can help; bringing back data in the event of a disaster; as well as the importance of testing and regularly reviewing your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.

Workshop: Online Essentials and Digital Marketing Basics

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
17 Feb 2016 | West Perth

The internet is a vital tool for all not-for-profit organisations to interact with their target audiences and undertake great value marketing activities.

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In this workshop, attendees will get a crash course in a range of digital marketing topics, covering the essentials such as:

Webinar: Introduction to SharePoint

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
17 Feb 2016 | Online

As part of the Office 365 subscription, not-for-profits are able to use Microsoft’s SharePoint Online collaboration platform for free. Often synonymous with Intranets, SharePoint is a powerful and diverse tool that can provide many collaboration, communication and process improvements to your organisation.

This webinar is ideal for organisations who would like to learn more about what SharePoint is and does, and provides valuable insights and best-practice tips, crucial to a successful SharePoint implementation.

Topics covered include:

Webinar: Client Information Systems – getting the best out of new technology

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
18 Feb 2016 | Online

New generation web-based client information systems can offer a solution to improve both efficiency and effectiveness of services for clients and communities. No matter what size your organisation is, and no matter what types of services you are delivering, this webinar will give you food for thought about how to transform internal processes, and external stakeholder relationships.

CSnet® is an example of new generation software for human services - an end-to-end fully mobile web-based client information system that supports services to collect data from ground up, in real time, to meet program administrative requirements, support good practice and measure client and social outcomes.

Webinar: Designing a flyer in Adobe InDesign

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
19 Feb 2016 | Online

Get an introduction to Adobe InDesign, an industry standard page layout application used by designers worldwide. Learn how to setup new project and add content such as images and text to the design. Apply colour to design elements and convert your design to a PDF for delivery online or to the printer.

Webinar: Social Media Tips and Tricks

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
23 Feb 2016 | Online

Become a social media ninja with this webinar that covers all the super secret social media tips and tricks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media presence.

Webinar: Not for profit technology trends in 2016

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
24 Feb 2016 | Online

In this webinar, Gordon Tan will highlight key technology trends foreseen by working with many of Australia's leading small and medium sized not for profit organisations.

Webinar: Preparing images for print and web with Adobe Photoshop

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
25 Feb 2016 | Online

This webinar introduces you to Adobe Photoshop. Learn about the different image size and resolution requirements for use a photo in a print publication or online and the best formats to save these image in. Additionally you will learn some basic techniques for colour enhancing images and removing objects such as time stamps from a photo.

Online Course: Social Media Bootcamp - March 2016

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
01 Mar 2016 to 05 Apr 2016 |

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