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Webinar: Marketing Readiness for the NDIS

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
02 Dec 2015 |

There are over 2,000 disability providers in Australia who are currently facing massive change due to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in June 2016. The NDIS is a generational reform is transforming the entire disability sector as it places people with a disability in the driver’s seat with respect to planning and purchasing their support services.

The dominant problems now facing many disability providers include:

The Australian Communities Forum - Melbourne

EVENT TYPE: Other-events
03 Dec 2015 | South Melbourne

The Australian Communities Forum exists to help organisations understand and connect with their communities. From local, staff, constituent, membership, customer and special interest communities, this forum is focused on how to build, shape and engage communities in all their diversity.

Whether you’re part of a community-based organisation, a charity, a government agency or a commercial organisation with a community focus, the Australian Communities Forum will deliver the latest information in an interactive format, with innovative local examples, and the sharing of great ideas.

Webinar: Office 365 implementation considerations

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
03 Dec 2015 | Online

Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud offers many not-for-profits significant benefits. This presentation gives an overview of the features of Office 365, explores the benefits other organisations have gained from making the move to the Cloud and identify factors that organisations should consider when planning the move to Office 365.

Webinar: Unit costs with MYOB and Calxa

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
03 Dec 2015 |

The transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme is disrupting the disability services sector and making big changes to the way organisations are funded. Those organisations who are adapting well to this change are the ones who are best prepared. A key factor in this is understanding the costs of the services you provide. When there is a price on those services you need to ensure your costs are lower than that price if your organisation is to be sustainable in the long term. How can you do this without labouring over spreadsheets for hours or days?

Webinar: Do you still need Citrix/Terminal Services in 2016?

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
08 Dec 2015 |

Citrix XenApp (commonly called “Citrix”) is a product that for years has been recognised as the market leader in terminal server technology for medium sized organisations. But advancements in cloud computing and changes in Microsoft’s strategic roadmap now pose the question – will it be needed in 2016 on beyond?

In this webinar, Tony Nissen Virtual CIO from R & G Technologies explores this in more detail and provides practical insights on:

Webinar: Digital Storytelling through fundraising

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
10 Dec 2015 |

Good storytelling is crucial to creating change - whether it be to generate awareness, inspire action, fundraise or build community engagement. This session will provide you with simple tools to help you identify the most powerful stories about your cause or organisation that will engage your supporters and stakeholders and rally your community. We'll also show you tips and tricks on creating digital content using smartphone technology.

Participants will gain:

Webinar: Get More Bang for Your Social Media Buck

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
20 Jan 2016 | Online

Are you struggling to reach your social media goals on a limited budget? Are you pouring money into Facebook advertising without seeing any success? Tap into Kirsty Wallett’s extenstive experience in the social media and not-for-profit sectors and take home practical skills to stretch your social media budget and resources further. Learn to target your resources towards the social platofrms and tactics that will deliver success and sustainability in your organsiation’s social media.

Webinar: Email Marketing using MailChimp

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
28 Jan 2016 |

Start email marketing for your organisation with the popular MailChimp service and learn about all the key basics to make sure you are doing it right.

This webinar will cover:

Webinar: An Introduction to WordPress

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
09 Feb 2016 |

Get an introduction to WordPress, the popular content management system (CMS) and blogging platform used for millions of websites around the world. Learn what is needed to get setup with WordPress, how to navigate and use the CMS and then how to take your site further, accessing new designs and functionality.

Content covered:

Webinar: How to find the right grant for your nonprofit

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
11 Feb 2016 | Online

For those with little experience of the enormous and varied grants environment, thinking about grants strategically can be a daunting process, causing many to wonder “Where do I start?!” This webinar delivers newbie-friendly 101 grants strategy, with an overview of the current Australian and New Zealand grants environments, types of grant-makers and funder expectations. You’ll learn how to determine which funder to apply to for which project, and the essentials of planning and writing a winning application.


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