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Microsoft Connecting Communities - Perth

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
31 Mar 2015 | Perth

Microsoft believe Non-Profit organisations can use technology to achieve even greater outcomes for the communities they serve. To be agile, an organisation requires the right technology, the right processes and willing people, to get the most of every moment.

This is why Microsoft is inviting you to attend Connecting Communities.

This day will be focused on what your organisation can do to drive productivity gains, and spend more time doing what you do best – supporting the community.

Connecting Communities is a one-day event in which you will learn about:

Webinar: LinkedIn - Tips & tricks for individuals and not-for-profit organisations

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
08 Apr 2015 | Online

LinkedIn – Personal profile tips & tricks plus learn four reason’s not-for-profit organisations should increase usage of LinkedIn. Register today!

Webinar: Making the most of mobile apps

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
09 Apr 2015 | Online

Learn about Pocket, OneNote, Dropbox, Trello and other apps and how it can make lives easier and change the way you work.

Webinar: How to increase your conversion rate using Google Analytics and Insights

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
15 Apr 2015 | Online

Register today for this free webinar on how to increase your conversion rate using Google Analytics and Insights. You will also learn how to correctly set up your account, accessing the various reports that are available to you and how to improve your knowledge about your users and their behavior.

Webinar: Stories For Impact - How to use storytelling for fundraising

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
16 Apr 2015 | Online

Register for this webinar and learn how you can use the power of storytelling to engage with supporters and rally your community to raise funds for your project.

Webinar: Introduction to Social Media

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
20 Apr 2015 | Online

Participants will learn the basics of social media, channels, features and benefits, type of content and tips on social media best practices to increase engagement.

Webinar: Website Essentials and Analytics

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
22 Apr 2015 | Online

Participants will be guided through components of a good website and how to measure performance using free and easy online analytics.

Webinar: Search Engine Optimisation

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
24 Apr 2015 | Online

Participants will learn tips and tricks to ensure their website is easily found by search engines, such as Google, and rank high in the search.

Webinar: How people-driven campaigns are changing the world

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
28 Apr 2015 | Online

Register today for this free webinar and understand the online tools that are available to affect change and how they work, skills to utilise personal stories to inspire public support, how fundraising and advocacy efforts can be effectively combined online and more.

Mentoring: Digital mentoring for not-for-profits and small business

EVENT TYPE: Other-events
29 Apr 2015 to 30 Apr 2015 |

Digital Marketing

Organisations can access mentoring sessions for 1 hour on various topics including: 


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