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Webinar: Designing a newsletter in Adobe InDesign

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
29 Apr 2016 |

Learn how to set a new multi-column newsletter project in InDesign. Import, format, and flow text across pages. Add automatic page numbering and flow text around images in your design as well as add creative effects to images.

Special Price: $30 ($24 for Premium Members)

Webinar: The modern not for profit - becoming the "data driven enterprise"

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
04 May 2016 |

In today’s world technology is rapidly changing and shaping the not for profit sector. Hear from R & G Technologies about the “Data Driven Enterprise” - a framework they have developed through working with hundreds of Australia’s leading not for profit organisations over the last 5 years.

Price: $30 ($24 for Premium Members)

Webinar: Designing PDF forms with Adobe InDesign and Acrobat DC

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
12 May 2016 |

Learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create interactive fillable PDF forms. Converting design elements into interactive fields such as text fields, radio buttons, or check boxes, and save the form as an interactive PDF from InDesign.

Special price: $30 ($24 for Premium Members)

Online Course: Building Your Sponsorship Strategy Step-by-Step

EVENT TYPE: Webinars
07 Jun 2016 to 28 Jun 2016 |

It takes a whole organisation to deliver on a corporate sponsorship strategy. It doesn't matter whether you are a Board Member, CEO or the fundraiser for your Not-For-Profit - everyone has a role to play in creating and implementing a successful sponsorship program. This 4-webinar series will teach you in depth all the important steps to building a robust sponsorship strategy.

Price: $195 ($156 for Premium Members)