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Workshop: Public Relations and Media for Not-For-Profits and Community Groups

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
16 Feb 2016 | West Perth

Media coverage can be a great tool to spread awareness of your cause, but how do you get it?

Not-for-profit organisations can’t always afford media officers or PR consultants, so how can we work smarter to achieve our goals within limited budgets?

If you’re new to public relations or working with media, this interactive full day workshop will give you the tools you need.

Workshop: Online Essentials and Digital Marketing Basics

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
17 Feb 2016 | West Perth

The internet is a vital tool for all not-for-profit organisations to interact with their target audiences and undertake great value marketing activities.

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In this workshop, attendees will get a crash course in a range of digital marketing topics, covering the essentials such as:

Workshop: Marketing for not-for-profits

EVENT TYPE: Workshops
20 Apr 2016 | West Perth

Marketing is a vital but often overlooked tool for not-for-profit organisations, one that is becoming more important for many with the start of the NDIS.

So how can you put together an effective marketing plan when you are limited by budgets and resources?

If you’re new to marketing, or just need a fresh perspective, this interactive full day workshop will get you ready to promote your not-for-profit in a crowded market place.

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