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Microsoft Office 365 to empower your not-for-profit (webinar)

Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud offers many not-for-profits significant benefits. This presentation gives an overview of the features of Office 365, explores the benefits other organisations have gained from making the move to the Cloud and identify factors that organisations should consider when planning the move to Office 365.

Not-for-profit sponsorship – trends in 2014 (webinar)

Looking for sponsorship for your next event but don't know where to begin? Join Julian Moore, Australasia’s foremost not-for-profit sponsorship practitioner in this free webinar to explore why corporates sponsor and what they look for in return.

Meet my agency (webinar)

Many advertising agencies offer their services to the not-for-profit sector pro bono. Seems attractive, but can it be of real value or can it wind up being a marriage of inconvenience.

Connecting Up technology donations program overview (webinar)

In this webinar learn more about Connecting Up's technology donations program.

Discover a range of mobile apps for your not-for-profit (webinar)

With a large proportion of not-for-profits choosing iPad's as their tablet of choice, a good collection of go-to apps is an essential part of the workplace. This webinar will show you a range of free and low-cost apps that will benefit most users to become a more efficient and 'appier worker.

Maximising your impact - Why sustainability matters for your organisation and how to get moving (webinar)

This free webinar will provide insights on how sustainability is relevant to not-for-profit organisations. It will also describe how social, environmental and economic performances are related, identify your organisational sustainability issues and a lot more.

Abode Creative Cloud for Teams overview (webinar)

This webinar will introduce you to Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams and its benefits for your not-for-profit organisation. We will also look specifically at InDesign and Photoshop features.

What leaders need to know and do to be successful in the not-for-profit sector (webinar)

Leadership is less about special skills associated only with senior roles, jobs or titles and more about actions all of us can undertake when seeking to make a positive difference. Watch this webinar to learn how you can be a better leader in your organisation

Not-for-profit essentials - recruitment and retention (webinar)

Having the best people for your organisation is essential to providing the best service to your clients. Peter Watson, takes us through key questions and strategies in this recorded webinar.

What is RSS?

Instead of spending time searching for website articles, why don't you let them come to you?

An Introduction to E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to let your community and clients know what's happening with your organisation but how do you know how effective it is? Here's a jargon-busting look at what you need to know.

Youth and technology (Webinar)

Hear stories and ideas about how technology can be incorporated into programming or services targeting youth and how technology can further help not-for-profits achieve organisational goals.