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DGR StatusTrue
Tax StatusGST Concession
FBT Exemption
Income Tax Exemption
Charity TypePublic Benevolent Institution
Org TypeAustralian Public Company

Barnardos Find a Family - Central Coast

Other names: Barnardos Central Coast

Categories Personal & Family Support




PO Box 2239

Gosford NSW 2250


Client group



Barnardos' Find-A-Family centres are located in Sydney, Canberra, Hunter/Newcastle and the Central Coast and South Coast of NSW, offering an integrated service of adoption and permanent family care to children requiring long-term placement.

Find-a-Family offers adoption and permanent family care to children who have been removed from their birth families by the Court because it is not safe for them to remain at home. Find-a-Family has a strong permanency planning focus, but there is also an emphasis on maintaining birth family relationships which are important to children in care.

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