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It takes a lot more than anti-virus to cover every threat to your organisation. Sophos gives you what you need — complete security and data protection — all in a way that lets you manage it simply and quickly. Spend less time worrying about security so you can focus on more important things. Like your job.

As part of Sophos's commitment to the Australian nonprofit sector, Sophos has teamed with Connecting Up to make its range of enterprise anti-virus, anti-spam and internet security solutions available to registered nonprofit organisations.

The following products are offered via Connecting Up over 1, 2 and 3 year subscriptions:

Sophos also offers Professional Services to ensure your organisation gets the most out of its Sophos solution.

Connecting Up advises that organisation wishing to install Sophos solutions have it done by an IT professional. For organisations requiring professional installation support it is advised that you contact an official Sophos partner. Please note that you will be required to enter your own arrangements with these partners for support.

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Read about how Sophos helped the Asthma Foundation of SA.