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Daniel Mateos

Web Developer

Daniel is our in-house Developer at Connecting Up.

Josh Goodwin

Executive Manager, Business and Partners

Josh Goodwin is the Executive Manager of Connecting Up’s Business and Partners.

Pankaj Chhalotre

Executive Manager, Technology Projects and services

Pankaj Chhalotre is Executive Manager, Technology Projects and Services at Connecting Up.

Rosalie Day

Manager, Community Information

Rosalie is Information Manager at Connecting Up where she takes care of our online directories, SAcommunity and Australian Directory of Not-For-Profit and Charity Organisations. Rosalie also manages Connecting Up’s volunteer program.

Ryan Jones

Marketing Coordinator

Ryan Jones is the Marketing Coordinator at Connecting Up, where he manages the marketing and communications activities for the organisation.

Sarah Rayner-Fry

Customer Support Coordinator

Sarah Rayner Fry is one of the Customer Support Coordinators where she helps to answer some of those tricky eligibility questions and helps not-for-profits access Connecting Up's services.

Tina Vuong

Customer Support Coordinator

Tina Vuong is the Customer Support Coordinator at Connecting Up. She answers tricky eligibility questions and responds to a variety of queries regarding our various programs.

Anne Gawen

Chief Executive Officer

Anne Gawen is Chief Executive Officer at Connecting Up where she provides leadership and management towards building the capacity of the not-for-profit sector, including promoting the development of information and technology networks nationally and internationally.