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Crowdfunding Masterclass: Adelaide

This workshop is designed for those who haven't yet launched a crowdfunding campaign but are interested in doing so sometime this year. You might have been to an introduction to crowdfunding session or chipped in to someone's campaign. You probably understand crowdfunding on a conceptual level but could use a deeper level of practical knowledge before plunging in yourself.

Heart and Soul come to Connecting Up Australia

It's an exciting time here in the Connecting Up office as we share the news about the CTK Foundation's Heart and Soul 2011 grants for nonprofit organisations in Australia and New Zealand

Feeling Poetic? Share in $25,000 of Grants

How often does your organization step back and remember your mission? Sure, you know what your mission is, but how often do you refine the sense of mission that exists in the hearts of your staff, board members and supporters?

This year's Heart & Soul grant program, put on by the CTK Foundation, is designed to do just that.

Five story telling elements your next funding application needs

Knowing your message and the story behind your not-for-profit is key to good communication - including applying for funding. Keep reading to learn why.

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