Building a stronger Not-For-Profit sector

to help bring about

positive social change


Connecting Up, Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that works to unleash the power of other not-for-profit organisations through technology and by providing a variety of information, products, resources and programs, to connect the not-for-profit sector to the right tools and capabilities they need to fulfill their mission.

Connecting Up's services are available in Australia, New Zealand and throughout South East Asia. In addition, Connecting Up also help to develop relationships with business, community and government sectors for the development of the not-for-profit sector.

Our History

  • Premium membership program launched in Australia
  • Suppliers directory program was launched in New Zealand
    14,000 Listing in SAcommunity directory
  • Inaugural Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards
  • Suppliers Directory program launched in Australia
  • Premium Membership launched in New Zealand
  • Global Microsoft Office 365 program launched in New Zealand
    Premium Membership launched in Australia
  • Accreditation information project launched on SAcommunity directory with the support of the Government of South Australia
  • New SAcommunity website, with the support of – compatible with
  • Creative common licensing applied to SAcommunity listings
  • Google for Nonprofits program available in Australia and New Zealand


Connecting Up has a Volunteer Program to engage volunteers to assist in various aspects of Connecting Up operations.

Volunteers may assist in areas including data collection, updating critical information and other tasks relating to events, marketing and administration.

Volunteers work both on-site or remotely by completing tasks online. Volunteer opportunities can be found via the Volunteering SA & NT website (insert link >>


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