3 Infographics Every #Nonprofit Should Check Out

Here at Connecting Up, we love a good infographic. Here are three recent infographics with a focus on nonprofits. There are some great lessons and information to help your organisation with its online presence.

How the top 50 Nonprofits do Social Media

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Craig Newmark, famous for "craigslist" has been working hard to on his social good "craigconnects" blog (even featuring TechSoup Global - who we partner with through DonorTec). He's produced an infographic looking at the biggest nonprofits and how they use social media.

What's interesting is that high budgets don't necessarily translate into social media savvy organisation.

Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate the scene, with 92% of nonprofits being represented on Facebook and 90% on Twitter. 

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Multi-Channel Giving: How offline and online fundraising go hand in hand

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Blackbaud's NetWitsThinkTank has teamed up with Shane Snow to show how online and offline giving are impacting nonprofits. It's clear that online giving continues to grow, increasing by 34% in 2010. 

While offline giving still represents 90% of fundraising sources, it's important to recognise the growth in online donors.

Blackbaud also points out that donors acquired online are generally younger, have higher incomes, give for the first time online and give more over time.

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Online Fundraising Visualized

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Online fundraising site, razoo brings us a look at how donations are being made online with a focus on technology. They look at operating systems, browsers, mobile devices and mediums.

For nonprofits looking at developing online strategies, it's interesting to see that email still dominates the conversion rates and YouTube being stronger than Twitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, if nonprofits are developing mobile applications, it can be seen that the iPad represents the highest average donation, well above iPhone and Android users.

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