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#12NTC - Meet Hujjat Nadarajah

Posted on 15/03/12 by Ben Teoh
Hujjat Nadarajah will be joining the Australian team heading to the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2012 in San Francisco thanks to Connecting Up and NTEN.

#12NTC - Meet Lorraine Pacey

Posted on 02/03/12 by Ben Teoh
Lorraine Pacey will be joining the Australian team heading to the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2012 in San Francisco thanks to Connecting Up and NTEN.

Building the NetSquared Community in Adelaide

Posted on 29/07/11 by Ben Teoh
NetSquared Adelaide held its fourth monthly meetup on July 21 at the Adelaide City Library on Grote Street. The aim of the night was to find out where people saw the NetSquared community in Adelaide making an impact.

Lions Hearing Dogs: Nonprofit of the Month - June 2011

Posted on 20/06/11 by Ben Teoh
Each month we highlight an Australian nonprofit that has benefited from our programs. Lions Hearing Dogs is a fantastic organisation, doing great things for people living with hearing impairment.

NetSquared Adelaide: Show and Tell

Posted on 15/06/11 by Ben Teoh
Volcanic ash clouds, uni exams and end-of-financial-year busy-ness couldn’t keep us from meeting!

UnPresenting in Melbourne with CU11 Keynote, Heather Gold

Posted on 02/06/11 by Ben Teoh
Connecting Up 2011's day 2 keynote speaker, Heather Gold will be staying in Australia a little longer after the conference is over. Part of her schedule will be to take part in Gathering 2011, but also run her popular UnPresenting Workshop. (Keep reading for a discount code for Connecting Up 2011 attendees).

Start Some Good with Tom Dawkins in Adelaide!

Posted on 15/04/11 by Ben Teoh
A handful of the Connecting Up Australia team had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from Tom Dawkins, co-founder of crowdfunding website, Start Some Good. Tom has been visiting Australian cities (thanks to TACSI and The School for Social Entrepreneurs) over the past week. He visited the Vibwire Enterprise Hub in Sydney, The Hub in Melbourne, and finished up his speaking mini-tour in Adelaide in front of a small, intimate audience.

Do Some Good This Easter

Posted on 13/04/11 by Ben Teoh
It wasn't too long after the post-Christmas sales before the hot-cross buns hit the shelves, reminding us that Easter was only a few months away. It really isn't too far away now, and we're once again surrounded by Easter sales and sugary treats wrapped in coloured foil.

Uniting Care Casino Transport Team: Nonprofit of the Month - April 2011

Posted on 11/04/11 by Ben Teoh
In country areas such as Casino in New South Wales, access to public transport can be difficult. For many, this can lead to both physical and social isolation - especially for the sick, aged and frail. For those people, basic needs and appointments such as medical care (and other care services) and grocery shopping are difficult without access to regular transportation. Thankfully, the Uniting Care Casino Transport Team has been around to provide transport for those in need through a team of volunteers using their own vehicles to serve others. The team not only provides vital transport, but also a listening ear and companionship for those who are travelling with them. Their service is in high demand, and can involve journeys over 250km. Between July 2009 and June 2010, the Casino Transport Team clocked in an impressive 2,794 trips, covering 242,354 kms! What an amazing service! This amazing service by the Uniting Care Casino Transport Team was made the winner of the 2008 Business Awards Community Services Event. It is clear that what they are doing is having a significantly positive impact on the Casino community.

Adelaide NetSquared - The Follow Up Event

Posted on 08/04/11 by Ben Teoh
It's already a month since Adelaide's Inaugural NetSquared Event: Tech for Social Good and this month saw a different format, designed to be much more interactive. There were two main speaker sessions where the group was presented with: A pressing issue A current trend which could address the issue A discussion question on how online technologies could be used to address the issue As the night progressed, it was clear that sharing ideas in collective group brought out some brilliant ideas that we hope to move forward with. The following is a summary of what was presented and discussed. To view the slides used during the night, please visit our SlideShare account.