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Research reveals four simple ways your not-for-profit can motivate donors

Posted on 20/02/14 by Ben Teoh
Ever wondered how your supporters would like to be motivated to donate more than once? A recent survey reveals valuable insight for NFPs.

What’s the benchmark? NFP digital and social media measures up

Posted on 25/11/13 by Claire O'Rourke
How is your not-for-profit organisation using digital and social media compared to the rest of the sector? Claire O'Rourke from Essential Media Communications shares initial findings from their research.

The Internet in 2013 - how is your not-for-profit using it? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on 19/08/13 by Ben Teoh
The Internet is moving forward rapidly and keeping up can be a challenge. This infographic shows us where things are at and gives us a few insights into how we should approach our digital strategy and online marketing efforts.

Why is more important than what

Posted on 12/03/13 by guest author
Is your not-for-profit looking into digital storytelling? Dan Portnoy, author of the Non-profit Narrative shares the most important part of telling your organisation's story.

Online fundraising insights and how NFPs can take action

Posted on 20/02/13 by Ben Teoh
Wondering whether to focus on social media, email marketing or mobile this year for your online fundraising efforts? The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study from M+R Strategic Services and NTEN sheds some light on their impact.

Why your online fundraising efforts may need a design makeover

Posted on 13/02/13 by Ben Teoh
Every not-for-profit using the Internet for fundraising should be investing in good design. There are no ifs or buts about it. Here are four reasons why your online fundraising efforts may need a visual makeover.

How good design can boost your online presence

Posted on 18/12/12 by guest author
With 2013 just around the corner, we know a lot of not-for-profits are thinking about priorities – and budgets – for 2013. Jason Sew Hoy, COO of 99designs explains how important it is to invest in good design is for your online presence.

Associations set their sights on social media

Posted on 26/11/12 by Ben Teoh
When it comes to digital publishing for associations, social media, website updates and e-newsletters are top of mind. According to recent research, more associations are rapidly moving away from print media in favour of the digital space.

“Lakeside to London”: digital stories of hope and inspiration

Posted on 01/11/12 by Marie L Carbone
Digital storytelling is a great way for not-for-profits to share what their community is up to. Here's how Athletics Victoria used donated Flip cameras to highlight athletes on their way to London.

Why digital storytelling for not-for-profits matters

Posted on 24/10/12 by Ben Teoh
When it comes to mainstream media, the story told about international aid doesn’t paint the whole picture. So how do not-for-profits get their message out?