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The Latest Ransomware Attack and How To Avoid It

Posted on 12/07/17 by guest author
  A guest post by Security Discount Partner ESET   On the 27th June, there was a cyber-attack originating in Russia and Ukraine. The ransomware outbreak quickly swept the globe, and organisations in Poland, Italy, the UK, Germany, France, Australia and the USA were reporting attacks. Forbes stated that while there seems to be similarities with WannaCryptor – with others describing it as WannaCry-esque – it's probably a variant of Petya.

Calxa hits $1million mark for donations, pledges $1 million more

Posted on 01/12/15 by Mathan Allington
On 1 December 2015 (#GivingTuesday), Australian budgeting and cashflow forecasting software company, Calxa, pledges to donate $1million of software to not-for-profit organisations, having just hit the milestone of fulfilling its’ first $1million pledge in donations this week.

6 Stages of a Major Gift Prospect

Posted on 18/11/15 by guest author
The key to a successful major giving program is planning. From the very beginning, your fundraising success relies on strategy and relationship management. Supporters of your organisation are not major donors by chance; it’s the hard work you put into each stage of the prospecting process that achieves a strategic outcome.

Industry benchmarks: IT spend, client satisfaction, service deliverability, and managed services cost

Posted on 02/11/15 by R & G Technologies
Are you a non-technical IT contact tasked with managing your IT provider? In this article, we’ll share some industry benchmarks so you can see how your IT provider compares with other IT providers.

Track your Volunteers within your Database

Posted on 20/10/15 by guest author
Volunteers are an essential element for many organisations to achieve their mission. Whether it’s assisting in events, running programs or providing admin relief – your organisation would not be where it is today without them.

How to Build An Effective Relationship With Your IT Partner

Posted on 29/09/15 by R & G Technologies
Are you striving to build a strong, professional relationship with your IT partner?

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database

Posted on 23/09/15 by guest author
Without good data your whole fundraising strategy falls down. How can you report on your fundraising success if you can’t figure out which gifts have been paid? How can you accurately segment your donors if everyone on the team records information differently? Without good data, it is impossible for you to manage donor relationships effectively.
How to Manage IT Relationships

How to manage your IT responsibilities with no technical background

Posted on 14/08/15 by R & G Technologies
Are you tasked with managing the relationship with your outsourced IT provider, but lack an IT background? Maybe you are a finance or office manager who is in control of all support services. If yes, read on.
Windows 10

Get Windows 10 for Your Organisation

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Windows 10 is here! For many organisations, the upgrade is free. Learn how to upgrade your systems.
Windows 10

What's New in Windows 10

Posted on 30/07/15 by Mathan Allington
Learn about top new features in Microsoft's latest operating system