A closer look: Connecting Up "donations" and "discounts" - what's the difference?

Our 'DonorTec' program has been transitioned to "donations" and "discounts" for not-for-profits but what's the difference?

Donations vs discounts

Last week we announced a major change for our DonorTec program and you may have noticed that there are two new menu items, 'donations' and 'discounts'. You will still be able to receive the same products you had before, but now there's a clearer distinction between donated and discounted products and how our various partners are supporting the not-for-profit sector. Both programs are aimed at making sure that not-for-profits can

  • access technology they wouldn't normally be able to afford so and
  • redirect their IT financial resources into helping those they serve.

What is the "donations" program?

Donation partnersConnecting Up works with TechSoup Global who partners with organisations (listed right) such as Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and Cisco who generously donate their products to eligible not-for-profits. Each partner has their own set of eligibility criteria and Connecting Up's role is to facilitate the donation process to make sure not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand (via TechSoup New Zealand) can access the donations they’re eligible for.

In order to keep the program sustainable, we charge an admin fee (between 4-10% of retail pricing) that goes back into providing better service to the sector.


What is the "discounts" program?

Our discounts program offers are a little different. We've partnered with organisations to provide not-for-profit pricing on software and hardware to eligible organisations such as:

  • refurbished computers
  • internet security software from Kaspersky and Sophos
  • event management software through MyBookingManager
  • website user-testing through Loop11
  • Plus more...

In most cases, the eligibility criteria are more open than the donations program, allowing more not-for-profits to access the discounted pricing.

Not eligible for Microsoft donations?

If your not-for-profit isn't eligible for donations from Microsoft, or you need more licences than is possible through the donations program, you may be able to access their charity licensing through the discounts program. The Microsoft Charity Licensing program is different to the donations program but still offers not-for-profits significant savings on a wider range of Microsoft products.

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Where can I get help?

If you have any further questions or need help, you can visit our Help & Support section, or contact Customer Care team.