Facebook now lets you know when your fans are online

Facebook is rolling out its latest update to its Page Insights and there’s one hot new feature that everyone’s talking about. Now you can see when your fans are on Facebook.

Trying to get that carefully crafted update seen can be tricky when it comes to social media for not-for-profits. Facebook’s Insights are a valuable source of information and the latest update now shows us the best types of posts for our Page, better engagement data and when our fans are online.

The new “When Your Fans Are Online” tab shows two sets of data:

  • “Days” lets us know, on average, how many of our fans are actively seeing any posts on Facebook in an hour for each day of the week. That’s posts from friends, Pages, apps etc – not just your Page.
  • “Times” shows us, on average, how many of our fans see posts in an hour. Again, that’s not just your Page posts, that’s any post on Facebook.

You can also hover over each day of the week and it will overlay a graph on the “Times” to give you info about that specific day.

Screenshot of new Facebook Insights showing When Your Fans Are Online tab

Get the new Facebook Insights

To see this for your Facebook Page, there are few steps you need to take.

  • Check if your Page has the new Insights. You should see the ‘Check out the new Page Insights’ link in the Admin Panel.
  • In the menu bar, click ‘Posts’
  • Click ‘When Your Fans Are Online’

But wait…

Now that you know more about your fans’ Facebook habits, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be posting all of your posts when people are most active. Here are a few things worth considering:

  • When most people are online, there will be a lot more competition for the News Feed during those times. It’s still worth trying different times to see when’s best for you.
  • What are the Facebook habits of your community? Are they interested in different content at different times of the day? You may want to change the types of content you post at different types of the day.
  • When are your working hours? If your community’s more active outside of office hours, do you have the flexibility to drive conversations during that time?

There's plenty more to see in the new Facebook Insights and you can read more about it on the Facebook Studio blog.

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