How to use digital storytelling to improve your organisation

Seeing something is far more appealing than pages and pages of text, which is where digital storytelling comes into play.

Training using a computer

Sometimes, however, some stories cannot be exposed to the public for privacy reasons and this makes it harder to showcase the kind of your work your organisation is involved in. This does not mean that your organisation cannot use digital storytelling at all. On the contrary, organisations can still benefit by using it for internal evaluation purposes and can still provide external benefits without revealing confidential information. 

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Internal evaluation can be advantageous for employees and employers alike; having footage on hand can make it easier to spot the areas that need improvement. Deaf Services Queensland have used digital recordings to test an interpreter’s abilities to sign a phrase, and then proceeded to show them a recording of an ideal way to sign the same phrase. Employees were then able to use their own footage to compare hand movements and work on their own techniques.

“Getting visual feedback is crucial to improving skills,” says Simon Cooper, of Deaf Services Queensland.

“The footage is useful in helping interpreters realise the most appropriate way to sign various words and phrases.”

Similarly, Life Builders Inc in Victoria has found how digital footage of their student counsellors and recent graduates allows for instant breakdown of performance during the sessions. Dr Ian Richardson (Founder) believes that this process has provided “invaluable feedback to the counsellor(s)” and aided in “facilitating quality control”. 

..But the outside can be just as nice.

Manjump Family Centre Facebook

External evaluation can be just as useful as internal. Visual feedback can add credibility to your group and endorse your services more realistically. Manjimup Family Centre in Western Australia has taken their digital footage and used it to record client testimonials. Due to the nature of their issues, they are unable to release footage of their services. Manjimup have found a way to improve their organisation’s image by recording testimonials of their clients and released them on their Facebook page. They have also used digital devices for youth surveys and for music clips. In doing this, they have managed to create positive footage to show potential clients in the future but maintained current clients privacy.

Seeing really is believing

Visual feedback applied for internal use can be scary, but possibly one of the best ways to assess performance. It is easier to see what your strengths and weaknesses are with visual aids. Video footage that can be viewed in public can cement in how your organisation is perceived by others. 

Has your organisation struggled to showcase the brilliant work they do due to the nature of your services?