Microsoft Charity licensing now available at Connecting Up

For the past five years, Microsoft have been donating their products to eligible not-for-profits in Australia through our donations program. Now more not-for-profits can access Microsoft products at discounted Charity rates through our discounts program.

Microsoft Charity Licensing
We recently made the switch from using the “DonorTec” name for our donations and discounts program and along with it, we introduced Microsoft Charity Licensing through our discounts program. If your not-for-profit organisation is not eligible for the Microsoft donations program or has exhausted its donation allocation, the Microsoft Charity Licensing discount can help you get the software you need for your not-for-profit (eligibility pending).

What’s the difference between the Microsoft donations and Microsoft Charity Licensing?

This new offering differs to the donations available from Microsoft with

  • different eligibility guidelines
  • A broader range of  products (if it’s not on our website, our Customer Care team can investigate if we can offer it)
  • Ability to order without any limits (however the first order has a 5 licence minimum)

How does Microsoft Charity Licensing work?

Charity licensing is offered through their Volume Licensing program. This means your not-for-profit will be able to quickly and easily view its license purchase history and access to the optional Software Assurance services that give you added benefits such as 24x7 Microsoft support and the ability to upgrade your software.

For more information on Microsoft Volume Licensing and Open License for Charity, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing site.

WAIT! Are you eligible for donated products from Microsoft?

As mentioned, Microsoft also donate their products to eligible not-for-profit organisations through Connecting Up. Thousands of not-for-profits in Australia have been using the donations program over the past five years, giving them access to over $150 million worth of donated software.

Before you get started with the Microsoft Charity Licensing program, check if your organisation is eligible to receive donated software from Microsoft.

Get started with Microsoft Charity Licensing

If your not-for-profit organisation is not eligible for the donations program or has exhausted its donation allocation you can place an order for Microsoft Charity Licensing through our discounts program (Note: To check if you your organisation is eligible for Microsoft Charity Licensing, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing site).

  • Make sure your organisation is registered for our donations and discounts program
  • Select Products from the Microsoft range under “discounts”
  • Add to your cart the items you require
    Please note: A minimum of 5 licences must be ordered.
  • Select Shopping Cart and then Checkout
  • Select Payment Method
  • Scroll down to the Microsoft Charity Form and fill out all fields
  • Click Review Order
  • If order is correct then submit your order

IMPORTANT: Please note that this order is subject to Microsoft Charity approval. Your organisation will be contacted and a full refund will be issued if approval is not granted. Please contact us if you have any queries.