New to Connecting Up: Customise your refurbished computers

Refurbished computers are a great way to reduce your not-for-profit’s IT costs and still have access to the basic technology your organisation needs to get its work done. Now, you can upgrade your refurbished computer order from Connecting Up.

Refurbished computers for your NFP

If you’re looking for a computer to do basic office-type tasks and general Internet use, refurbished computers and laptops offer a cost-effective solution.

What’s a refurbished computer?

Refurbished computers are computers that have commonly been used by larger businesses who lease large numbers of computers. Once it’s time to roll out new computers (could be a short as 2-3 years), the old computers are picked up by qualified refurbishers who service them to a high standard and sold at a low price.

For more information on refurbished computers, visit our Learning Centre article.

Upgrade your order from Connecting Up

Refurbished computer upgrade options

Even though thousands of not-for-profits around Australia are already using refurbished computers for their day-to-day operations thanks to our discounts program – we know that your computing needs may not be the same as other organisations.

To make it easier to access the refurbished computer that matches your needs, we’re now offering a number of upgrade options to our range including:

  • Monitor upgrades
  • Memory (RAM) upgrades
  • Ability to add an anti-virus solution

These options are available from the product page of each refurbished computer with a range of options for each upgrade.

Need multiple computers? Order more and save

If your organisation needs to order more than 10 refurbished desktop computers, an additional 5% discount will be automatically applied to the total computer price, making it more affordable to provide computers to your staff, volunteers and community to use at your not-for-profit.

Order refurbished computers and laptops today

For more information on our range of refurbished PC desktops, laptops and Apple MacBooks, visit our Refurbished Computers discounts program page.