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Annual Report: Chair's Report - Sue Vardon

Posted on 26/09/12 by Administrator
Current Chair of the Connecting Up Board, Sue Vardon shares her insight into what's next for Connecting Up

Annual Report: Chair's Report - Bruce Linn

Posted on 26/09/12 by Administrator
Outgoing Chair of the Connecting Up Board, Bruce Linn, shares his thoughts about the past financial year.

Annual Report: The year that's been

Posted on 26/09/12 by Ben Teoh
To the Connecting Up Community, to those who have ordered products, chatted to the customer service team, given us constructive feedback, hung out with us on Twitter, shared the love on Facebook and shared your story with us, thanks for the past 12 months!

What drives a not-for-profit? CEO Doug Jacquier talks about what drives Connecting Up

Posted on 26/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
If there is one industry that is driven by passion and belief, it has to be the not-for-profit sector. Behind every Australian charity there is a desire to help others, and improve the world we live in. Departing Connecting Up chief executive Doug Jacquier has been with the organisation for over 12 years, and in a recent interview he reflected on some of the highlights of working in the industry. "It's the joy of being around people who are out there working their hardest to make a difference," Doug said.

Five minutes of Connecting Up history, with CEO Doug Jacquier

Posted on 26/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
There are thousands of not-for-profit organisations in Australia dedicated to helping those in need - but who helps them? That's where Connecting Up comes in. At the centre of this initiative is the desire to help not-for-profits communicate, collaborate, and have access to a variety of technologies and resources. And at the centre of Connecting Up is chief executive Doug Jacquier. After 12 years with the organisation, Doug is now moving on.

Charity organisation launches multi-lingual clips on YouTube

Posted on 26/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
Alzheimer's Australia today launched a short film about dementia for the Spanish-speaking community on YouTube. This is the latest clip from the 'Dementia… it's not a Disgrace' series, which is trying to reduce stigma surrounding the condition. "If people recognise dementia as a distinct medical condition, they may be more encouraged to seek out advice, assessment and support," said Alzheimer's Australia NSW chief executive John Watkins in a statement.

Results from the CBB Executive Salary Survey 2012

Posted on 26/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
Those working in the not-for-profit sector may be interested in the findings of the CBB Executive Salary Survey 2012. In its third consecutive year, the survey was conducted online between December 2011 and February 2012. The official results were released yesterday, and did not differ drastically from last year's findings. 35 per cent of chief executives earn less than $80,000, but the rest of participants were above this threshold. Ten per cent earn over $150,000, down three per cent from 2011. 

UN calls on global citizens to campaign for a better world on social media

Posted on 25/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
The United Nations Foundation is launching a new and exciting worldwide campaign, called the Global Good Challenge (GGC). By participating in this challenge, people can win a range of massive prizes including a backstage pass to a Lady Gaga concert and tickets to the MTV Video Music Awards. All people have to do is connect with the GGC online - via Facebook - and start spreading the word about important global issues on their social networks.

Product donations now available to public libraries!

Posted on 25/09/12 by Ryan Jones
We're pleased to announce that public libraries are now eligible to request donated Microsoft, Symantec and SAP software for their public access computers!

ACNC start date delayed due to 'Coalition filibuster'

Posted on 24/09/12 by Connecting Up N...
The new Australian charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) was due to open its doors for operation on October 1 2012. However, this start date has been pushed back due to what assistant treasurer David Bradbury is calling a 'Coalition filibuster'. The Coalition government voiced concern and opposition in regard to proposed ACNC legislation when it was being reviewed in the House of Representatives last week.