Allen Gunn (Gunner)

Session Title: 
[Keynote] Another cloud is possible
Session Description: 

Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way not-for-profits approach software and data storage strategies, and continues to disrupt technology norms while rewriting the possible for both individuals and organisations.

This interactive session will invite participants to reflect on the philosophical, political and technological implications of different cloud strategies, and will consider ways in which to conceptualise cloud adoption for not-for-profits and social justice activists. It will also explore the ever-evolving issues of privacy and anonymity in the cloud as they relate to the needs of social change activists and the organisations that support them. You will leave the session with new frameworks for considering cloud strategies and other bold new hosting frontiers.

Masterclass - Take control of your destiny

New platforms and channels come online every day, promising to help not-for-profits to better magnify their message and engage their target audiences. But it is challenging to maintain a coherent set of tools, services, and accounts that support organisational needs while also focusing on mission and sustaining compelling messaging.

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