Megan Soffer

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Radical changes coming to the internet: How best to market your organisation
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The real-time nature of the internet has changed the way organisations communicate and connect with their communities. But while social media has had a significant impact in changing the internet landscape and how we connect with others, a survey by Public Interest Registry found that 82% of people still turn to an organisation or company’s website first for information.

Due to today’s evolving digital world, it is essential to have a credible website and be putting into place robust strategies for maintaining a trusted online reputation. In the coming year, the advent of new domains like .MUSIC or .BOOK will present new ways for organisations to market their brand and strengthen their online reputation. These will be immensely beneficial in bringing together people with similar shared interests. The potential for growth and adoption of new domains like .NGO is exponential considering they already have a built-in community of people. 

Key learning outcomes:

  • The changes coming to the internet and how to take advantage the available opportunities to stay ahead of the digital marketing curve
  • Insight on what non-government organisations are doing all over the world to improve their digital cause marketing
  • How changes coming to the internet can impact how we build stronger and more diverse online communities for social good
Speaker Biography: 

A motivated self-starter and multidisciplinary marketing communications strategist with an eye for opportunity and a divine interest in connecting people – from all walks of life, for positive impact. In 2013, Megan joined the Public Interest Registry team, which operates .ORG – the historically trusted space for not-for-profits worldwide, and has since helped revitalise the voice of the company, particularly during its recent rebranding effort. Additionally, Megan has implemented a stronger social media presence and multimedia storytelling, built foundational relationships with key leaders, journalists, and bloggers in the NGO, not-for-profit and technology sectors, and has focused on leveraging influence to maximise global reach about new online initiatives, including .NGO|.ONG, specifically for the NGO community.

With a background in business and communications, Megan offers experience in helping organisations tell their stories and communicate effectively with their audiences. She also loves Motown and her two huskies, Maya and Ava.

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Public Interest Registry