TEMASOFT FileMonitor: Subscription for Windows servers and Linux Machines – Renewal


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This product is a renewal for existing TEMASOFT FileMonitor Subscriptions

TEMASOFT FileMonitor is a file access auditing solution delivered as on premises software, with an agent-based architecture, featuring a web-based management console.

TEMASOFT FileMonitor uses agents that must be deployed on the computers to be monitored. The agents will audit file activity and send the data to the TEMASOFT FileMonitor server. The TEMASOFT FileMonitor server saves the information in an SQL Server database and features a web-based management console that provides access to the management, data analysis, reporting and alerting features.


  • True Linux Support
  • Designed for regulatory compliance
  • Alerting on important events
  • Powerful data analyser
  • Easy integration with log and other management products

For further information, visit Temasoft’s website here

System Requirements:

The full list of system requirements, including supported operating systems, can be seen here

Licence types:

There are two types of nodes that are part of the TEMASOFT FileMonitor license:

  • Windows workstation nodes: These licenses can be assigned to Windows workstations ONLY and cost less;
  • Generic nodes (or machines): These nodes can be assigned to any supported operating system and are more expensive than Windows workstation nodes; typically, these nodes are used for Windows servers and supported Linux machines.

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