Not-for-profit social media forum - Sydney

14 Nov, 2012 9:00am - 5:00pm
Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
Connecting Up
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The Portside Centre
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Social Media ForumCome and join us for our first-ever social media forum in Sydney! This event provides the opportunity for you to hear directly from individuals who have been involved in social media strategy, campaigns or projects for their not-for-profit organisations. Not only will they share their success stories, they will also share the challenges, mistakes and key learning from their experience to allow you to gain insights and ideas to assist you with your own projects and plans. It is an avenue to share knowledge, skills and experience with each other and have fun!

The not-for-profit social media forum is designed to allow delegates to learn from others in the sector through case studies of best practice social media use. It will feature presentations and real-life examples from not-for-profit organisations that have successfully utilised social media to engage with their community, fundraise, advocate and promote their cause. With a keynote presentation from Gavin Heaton and various networking opportunities and activities, this forum is not to be missed for those of you who are looking at improving your organisation's social media presence. 


Keynote session - Gavin Heaton, The Social Way

Social media: Signs on the road ahead

Gavin HeatonSocial media is changing how we live, work and absorb information. Businesses, membership-based organisations and not-for-profits have been working to understand what social media means for the way that they operate. Gavin Heaton argues that the effects are far reaching and that we need to fundamentally rethink our organisations. And that we need not to become better at 'social media' but to become 'social businesses'. But what does it mean to become a social business? And what are the signs on the road ahead?

About Gavin: Gavin is the principal of digital strategy consultancy, The Social Way. He is author of Servant of Chaos, one of Australia’s leading marketing blogs and is the co-publisher (with Drew McLellan) of the ground-breaking collaborative marketing book series, Age of Conversation. Gavin has worked in agencies (leading the global digital strategy for McDonald’s) and on the client side (SAP, IBM). As a consultant he has worked across the pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy and not-for-profit sectors. He also works with young people as volunteer president of local not-for-profit organisation, Vibewire.

Session 1 - Rafi Cooper, WSPA Australia

How great storytelling leads to great engagement 

Rafi CooperAt the start of 2012, WSPA Australia had around 16,000 Facebook fans with limited and irregular engagement. Few actions and almost no donations resulted. Now we have a thriving community of over 31,000 fans, interacting on a daily basis, signing petitions and donating. This presentation will demonstrate how this transformation came about, from our initial effort to understand our audience to the identification of new supporters to target. It will also describe how we catered content to increase the emotional connection to WSPA and the animals, the importance of tone and variety within posts and the emotional response elicited.  It is about taking supporters on a journey with you – from the beginning to the very end.

About Rafi: Rafi started working for WSPA Australia in January 2012, having moved to Australia in 2011. His career began at a boutique PR agency, where he rapidly progressed to account manager level. A move into the not-for-profit sector followed, with a switch to The Children’s Society. Here Rafi won high profile UK communications industry awards - Third Sector’s ‘Communications Team of the Year’ and CorpComms ‘Best communications by a not-for-profit organisation’. He was instrumental in the charity’s successful campaign to end immigration detention of children. Since moving to WSPA as Communications Manager, the organisation has been named in the top five social media performers amongst Australian not-for-profits so far in 2012.  

Session 2 - Yves Calmette, ACON Health

The power of Facebook and Twitter for reaching and (re)engaging about HIV prevention: Is social media the new holy grail?

Yves CalmetteFor its recent social marketing campaign, The Big Picture, ACON Health developed the first large scale social media initiative in the Australian HIV sector to target gay men who account for ¾ of new HIV infections in NSW. This presentation will show how the social media campaign was developed and will explore the benefits of Facebook and Twitter, the challenges faced and the lessons learned, such as:

  • What posts or tweets worked and why
  • The impact of social media on traffic to the website
  • Facebook reach and engagement 
  • Twitter under performance and why
  • Implications on project planning, project management and resources for internal staff

About Yves: Building on 15+ years in senior roles in international marketing/advertising agencies, Yves joined ACON Health to lead, reshape and develop health promotion campaigns and programs in April 2009. He was in charge of the multi-awarded human rights 'Wear it With Pride' campaign funded by the Federal Government: a mix of art, community engagement, celebrity endorsement and social media which attracted 30,000 unique site visits and generated $2.7 million PR. He also regularly participates and represents ACON Health in major NSW, national or international forums and conferences, including the Canadian Conference on HIV in Toronto (November 2010) as an international keynote speaker. Yves is currently the Principal Advisor, Community Engagement, HIV and Sexual Health.

Session 3 - Dae Levine, Republic of Everyone

Policy, planning, persuasion

Dae LevineIn early 2011, the Australian government announced plans to help stop climate change with a carbon tax. The announcement was immediately met with vocal resistance from polluter lobby groups, conservative media commentators and politicians. So much so, that the plan was in danger of failing before it began. If the legislation was to pass, it would need popular support, and fast. So, Say Yes was created. By bringing together nine organisations under one banner - including WWF, Greenpeace, GetUp! and the Climate Institute - we created an umbrella campaign for a  movement with 3 million+ members and one united voice. Using this case study, the presentation will cover the following:

  • Using social media to engage with the community and supporters
  • Empowering the community and supporters with a voice
  • Translating online engagement to offline activity

About Dae: Dae is an experienced communications strategist specialising in issue politics, campaigns and the non-profit sector. She joined Republic of Everyone in 2012. Before joining Republic of Everyone, Dae served as Head of Communications and Acting CEO at Greenpeace Australia Pacific and prior to that worked at Essential Media Communications. Back in the United States, she worked for Human Rights First, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Democratic National Committee, EMILY's List and Vote for America, as well as over 40 federal election candidate campaigns spanning 6 election cycles. Dae has been sought frequently as a media commentator on Sky News, ABC, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC and NY1. 

Session 4 - Treassa Joseph, Centacare

Community building through Twitter and methods to build responsible online communities

Though your social media presence, no matter how small, your are in one way or another part of a community. You build communities based on your interests and social relationships. Can they be used for community development?  This presentation takes a look at the concept of tweetups and how Twitter communities have helped small not-for -profits in India fundraise. In a world that is ‘trending’ on social media usage, this presentation will also take a look at why we need to be socially responsible and how we can make our online world a better place. Offline, we have a social responsibility to ensure that the communities we are a part of are safe and void of negative elements. Do we have the same responsibility online?

About Treassa: Treassa Joseph is a qualified software engineer who worked in the Telecommunications and VOIP industry in India and Ireland for 3 years before she chose a change in career to not-for-profit marketing due her sheer passion of giving back to the community. She has, in the past, organised Twitter Festivals and Twitter meet-ups in India to raise funds for not-for-profits and used Twitter as a tool to build community. After moving to Australia, she has been working towards building the social media policy and strategy for her current Catholic organisation. In the meantime, she is also blogging for the APN newspaper ‘The Morning Bulletin’ about ‘Social Media and our community’. She regularly organises Twitter meet-ups in Rockhampton in an effort to bring the online community together offline.

Closing thoughts - Ben Teoh, Connecting Up

Social media: An invitation to make things happen

Ben TeohIn Australia, there are over 11 million Facebook accounts, 11 million YouTube accounts, 1.8 million Twitter accounts and what gives life to this huge social machine is the simple act of sharing. Social media is all about people connecting with people and there’s a lot of good that can come from that. In this closing session, Ben Teoh will look at the potential for not-for-profits to tap into this social media engine and rally people together around the things that inspire them and make things happen.

About Ben: Husband, dad, blogger, social media junkie, wannabe ninja - Ben loves the way in which social media and online communities can connect people beyond traditional borders. Working at Connecting Up he blogs, writes articles and spends time with the Connecting Up community. Ben also organises local community, NetSquared Adelaide that draws people around the topic of using the social web for positive social change.