Google Grant Ad Managment

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Google Grants - Imagine what you could do with $10,000 USD of in kind advertising every month from AdWords

Digital Cause charitable program is designed to help the 1,000’s of amazing causes in Australia attract more donations, share their stories and recruit more volunteers through digital marketing grants and professional campaign management.

Charities and not for profits meeting the eligibility criteria are able to claim grants for media spend from $130,000 up to $550,000 AUD per annum. Digital Cause helps apply for the grant, maintains the account to stay qualified and actively manage the campaigns to get the largest outcome possible from the free media.


Our Google Ad Grant management solutions includes:

+ Grant application process management
+ Account & campaign setup
+ Eligibility maintenance
+ Goal definition & tracking setup
+ Professional campaign management
+ Bid management
+ Ad copy development
+ CTR and conversion analysis


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