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Calxa eligibility criteria and guidelines

  • Donated products will be distributed under this program to qualifying organisations for their operational purpose and not to individuals.
  • Qualifying organisations will possess an Australian Business number and be non-government income tax exempt ITE nonprofit organisations. Click here for more details
  • Organisations that have total revenue that does not exceed $1,000,000 are eligible for the Calxa donation program
  • Organisations that have total revenue that exceeds $1,000,000 are eligible for the Calxa discount program
  • Calxa products may not be transferred or resold. Additionally, Calxa products may not be installed on computers that will be given to or sold to other organisations or individuals.

The following organisations are ELIGIBLE to request Calxa software donations

  • Schools, colleges and related activities
  • Cultural, historical and other educational activities
  • Instructional and training activities
  • Rescue and emergency services
  • Aid to the handicapped
  • Mental health care
  • Sports, athletic, recreational and social activities
  • Youth activities
  • Conservation, environmental and beautification activities
  • Housing activities
  • Civil rights organisations
  • Litigation and legal aid organisations
  • Legislative and political organisations
  • Other activities directed to individuals (e.g. supplying money, goods or services to the poor, counseling, rehabilitation, day care centres)
  • Activities clubs and organisations (e.g. Rotary and Lions clubs, organisations that give gifts and grants to other organisations)
  • Private foundations

The following additional organisations are INELIGIBLE to request Calxa software donations

  • Religious activities
  • Scientific research activities
  • Business and professional organisations
  • Farming and related activities
  • Mutual organisations
  • Employee or membership benefit organisations
  • Advocacy organisations and organisations that attempt to influence public opinion