Move to the cloud with our new discounted Infrastructure as a Service platform

We’re always listening to the not-for-profits we serve, and looking for more ways to assist. That’s why today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of a new, discounted, cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, in partnership with Australian IT services company R & G Technologies.

Discounted cloud infrastructure as a service

What is infrastructure as a service?

The infrastructure for IaaS is a server. Instead of buying a server outright, as many organisations have done in the past, you can now buy access to an Australian-based cloud server on a service basis, just like your phone and other utilities.

Being cloud based, this new server allows you to upgrade and reconfigure the server as needed without incurring large capital expenses.


Why is it useful?

There are a few key ways that IaaS can help your organisation:

  • Flexibility – Only pay for the data transfer, storage, processing power and RAM you need. No more large capital purchases of servers.
  • Reliability – The IaaS platform is powered by the Microsoft Azure platform, and hosted in a professional data centre in Brisbane.
  • Versatility – You can host a range of different services on the IaaS, including Windows Servers, SQL Servers, Linux-based servers, even web servers.
  • Support – Local, Australian-based support is available, as well as additional support services if required. 

IaaS can assist your organisation in providing additional servers as needed, or providing an ongoing replacement for your existing on premise servers. It can be used to build a private cloud environment for organisations that have specific requirements.


How are not-for-profits making use of this technology?

R & G Technologies has worked with Xavier Children’s Support Network to migrate their existing systems to the cloud. Lynn Card, CEO, Xavier Children’s Support Network, couldn’t be happier.

“We have been very impressed at the outcome of all projects, and have seen productivity increase and IT headaches drop dramatically”.


Who are R & G Technologies?

R & G Technologies is an award winning IT and cloud services provider that assists organisations across Australia by acting as their trusted IT partner.

The Infrastructure as a Service platform is hosted in R & G Technologies’ modern Brisbane data centre, and is certified by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO).

How do I take up this offer?

The IaaS platform is available to organisations registered and qualified with our donations and discounts program. Simply login to your account, then visit the IaaS product page to find out more.