Learning Centre - Webinars

Office 365 implementation considerations (webinar)

Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud offers many not-for-profits significant benefits. This presentation gives an overview of the features of Office 365, explores the benefits other organisations have gained from making the move to the Cloud and identify factors that organisations should consider when planning the move to Office 365.

Introduction to SharePoint (webinar)

This webinar is ideal for organisations who would like to learn more about what SharePoint is and does, and provides valuable insights and best-practice tips, crucial to a successful SharePoint implementation.

Introduction to Microsoft Office 365 (webinar)

With Microsoft now donating Office 365 for Nonprofits, find out more about what it can do, and get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Search Engine Optimisation (webinar)

Participants will learn tips and tricks to ensure their website is easily found by search engines, such as Google, and rank high in the search.

Website Essentials and Analytics (webinar)

Participants will be guided through components of a good website and how to measure performance using free and easy online analytics.

Introduction to Social Media (webinar)

Participants will learn the basics of social media, channels, features and benefits, type of content and tips on social media best practices to increase engagement.

How to increase your conversion rate using Google Analytics and Insights (webinar)

Register today for this free webinar on how to increase your conversion rate using Google Analytics and Insights. You will also learn how to correctly set up your account, accessing the various reports that are available to you and how to improve your knowledge about your users and their behavior.

How people-driven campaigns are changing the world (webinar)

Register today for this free webinar and understand the online tools that are available to affect change and how they work, skills to utilise personal stories to inspire public support, how fundraising and advocacy efforts can be effectively combined online and more.

Connecting Up Infrastructure as a Service for IT (webinar)

Whether you are an internal IT manager looking for a way to minimise capital investment on IT, or your are an external IT provider looking for a cost effective solution for your NFP clients, Connecting Up’s IaaS solution may be the answer you are looking for.

Creating mobile workforce using Cloud computing technology (webinar)

In this webinar Tony Nissen will highlight cloud computing technologies not-for-profit organisations of all sizes are currently leveraging to become more efficient as well as provide you with two real-world case studies of organisations who are already reaping the benefits of embracing a mobility driven strategy.