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Digital Cause can lift your charity or not-for-profit to new highs by acquiring grants, maintaining the minimum ongoing qualification criteria and professionally managing your account to get the maximum benefit.


Make the most of your Google Grant with professional management.

Take the hassle out of the application process through our streamlined eligibility project management that gets more charities access.

Ensure you remain active and do not have the grants revoked by our active qualification maintenance monitoring service.


Optimise the campaign to maximise visibility, donation or volunteer numbers with Australia’s leading Search Marketing specialists.


Qualification Monitoring


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Michael Hubbard

Google Ad Grants has increased awareness of our programmes and allowed us to reach markets in which we have no or low physical presence. We received 26,000+ clicks in 6 months resulting in 1195 registrations (4.6% conversion rate).

Google Adwords

Sadly, on average non-profits only utilise 3% of the available Google Ad Grants. Digital Cause plans to do something about this.

By giving charities increased access to industries leading experts in Google Adwords, as well as the most advanced technologies, we believe that we can empower charitable organisations to further their causes.