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Unleash the power of PR to boost fundraising and awareness for your cause

As someone who was responsible for fundraising in a number of not-for- profit organisations, I know that feeling when the pressure is on to raise money quickly and efficiently! How can we get people to care enough about our cause to put their hands in their pockets today and at a reasonable cost?

Experience tells us that we need to share facts and stories with both existing and potential donors to spread the word about what we do to make a difference. If we’re lucky, we’ll have some budget to create an advertising campaign asking for donors’ hard earned cash, but how do you get everything you need to say across in a billboard or a 30 second radio or TV ad?

Well you can’t, and that’s why educating people about your organisation and your cause through the media is so important. A story written by an independent journalist means far more to your audience than a paid advertisement and most importantly it gives you the chance to really bring your cause to life and prove your results.

And that’s why PR is so crucial for not-for-profits. Done properly, PR can be the catalyst that boosts your fundraising or awareness campaign by spreading your message far and wide. And you don’t need to use a PR agency and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  It’s something that every organisation can do themselves with the right guidance. 

The “I do my own PR” kit is an invaluable tool that for a small investment, steps you through what you need to do ensure your fundraising and campaign efforts are maximized. I recommend you try it and see the positive difference it makes to your hard work!

Kate Frost - Former CEO of YWCA NSW & Learning Links and Head of Fundraising The Smith Family.


Helping not-for-profits raise funds and awareness through PR.

If you're a not-for-profit and you want to raise funds and awareness around your cause and you don’t have the funds to pay a PR agency then this DIY PR tool is for you. You buy it once and can use it again and again. It includes everything you need to hit the ground running including a media contacts list that’s updated every month.


So how can this tool help my not-for-profit organisation?




How it works?

There are two versions of the kit - Essential and Premium


– a pure DIY kit where you follow the online four-step process solo. If you do need help, you can buy time with us so we can check you’re on the right track to bring peace of mind.


– uses the same four-step process but with hands-on assistance and guidance from the I Do My Own PR team for your first campaign. It includes a 1-on-1 session to help you figure out your best story angles plus the team checks all your media materials.

Once you've chosen which kit you'd like and you've purchased it, you will be sent your username and password. Here you will get access to the four-step process and two case studies – one of a fundraising campaign and the other an awareness campaign. 


Step 1 - Working out your target audience and media.

Step 2 - Building your story

Step 3 - Preparing your materials to share with the media.

Step 4 - Approaching the media.


Compare versions:


1-on-1 time with the experts.

Whilst the process has been designed for you to work on your own, we do have extensive experience of working in this space and via the Premium kit you can get us on your campaign via 1-0n-1 time.

We’ll bring peace of mind, workshop any issues, ensure your messaging and story are correct and check all opportunities have been explored as well as checking all your media materials before you send them out to the journalists.



Follow the I Do My Own PR process and you will:

  1. Learn how to manage your own fundraising/awareness PR campaign using a best practice model, giving you the greatest chance of gaining media coverage.
  2. Be able to confidently handle the media and start to form personal long-lasting relationships with the right journalists.
  3. Become practised at creating your own media materials each time you want to raise funds or awareness.
  4. Have prepared a bank of media assets including:
    • List of media contacts
    • Media release
    • Fact sheet
    • Case studies
    • Spokesperson Q&A briefing document
    • Media pitch emails


Who’s behind this tool and who have they worked with?

I Do My Own PR is the brainchild of Jocelyne Simpson and Nik Robinson.

Jocelyne Simpson has spent the last 20 years in UK and Australian consumer PR agencies advising the likes of Coca-Cola, American Express, LEGO, Disney, KLM airlines, Underwater Earth in partnership with Google and many more.

Five years ago, Jocelyne started her own PR agency, Good Citizens. The agency works with a diverse client base in Australia and overseas including Surf Life Saving Australia, Jose Cuervo, Stoli, Who Gives A Crap (toilet paper), ShopandBox, Redsbaby and MOO to name just a few.

Nik Robinson is a former broadcaster, advertising, TV & radio content creative. In the UK, he worked with the likes of the BBC, Virgin and with Getty Images in Seattle.

He has consulted for some of Australia's best-known PR and advertising agencies and set up his own successful agency helping startups like Guzman Y Gomez and many NFP partners like Mission Australia, Special Olympics, RSPCA, Sydney Symphony and the Australia Council for the Arts reach their branding and fundraising goals.

He’s had his own radio show on the Triple M Network and was Head of Content for Authentic Entertainment for two years overseeing 28 hours of live-to-air weekly content across the SCA and ARN networks as well as all AUS/NZ programming for the music brand Vevo.

He has also lectured at University of Technology Sydney on the subject of NFP and marketing.

In the last five years, Nik and Jocelyne have been working with a number of small businesses and social enterprises and together they have honed the PR process and found a way to simplify it for others. Consequently, I Do My Own PR empowers organisations to manage their own PR campaigns and build their own relationships with media.

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