The NetLeverage ThinPoint software donation program offers ThinPointDesktop Virtualisation and application delivery solution to eligible Australian nonprofit organisations.

As part of their commitment to Australian nonprofit sector, NetLeverage has made its Desktop Virtualisation and application delivery solution, ThinPoint, available to eligible qualified DonorTec organisations.

This donation is only for first-time users of NetLeverage who have never had a NetLeverage product, have never requested this product previously from NetLeverage.

ThinPoint provides a Desktop Virtualisation and application delivery solution that does not require a server hardware or operating system. ThinPoint turns any PC (or a Windows server) into a Desktop Virtualisation solution that can be efficiently accessed remotely by concurrent users.  ThinPoint Seamless Application Publishing also enables users to securely access Windows applications inside or outside of their organisation network without installing those applications on the client devices. ThinPoint also provides simple, fast and cost effective solution for users to access their own PCs remotely. 

ThinPoint, coupled with any Thin client device, dramatically reduces IT total cost of ownership (TCO) and power consumption.


See how NetLeverage has empowered the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory. 



See the below links to ensure your nonprofit maximises its benefits from the NetLeverage ThinPoint donation program.

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