Matthew Rowan wanted to contribute to his son’s education. So, he joined the school’s parent association. After a short amount of time, the existing secretary left and Matthew was elected to the role.

His training consisted of:

  1. Send out an agenda
  2. Take minutes at the meeting

He was also given the association’s records – piles of paper dumped haphazardly into a plastic tub – but was told he doesn’t need to do anything with them.

Matthew went along happily sending out agendas and taking minutes for a year. Then came time for the AGM, and he was asked to provide various documents and records for the audit.

He dove head-first into the plastic tub and made a surprising discovery. For his role alone, he dug up 60 documents totalling 450 pages of legislation, policies, procedures, checklists, etc., describing what the secretary was responsible for, what they should be doing, and what they are accountable for.

On top of the disconnect between what these documents described and what his training was, he was struck by how large a burden this was to expect a volunteer to shoulder.

He went to other associations around the state to get their input– are people really doing all this? Is it all reliant on error-prone manual procedures, such as the Word document template copy-and-paste? Is there really no better way to do this?

The answer went something like “no, there’s no better way; yes, it’s a massive job; and yes, the burnout rate is through the roof”.

Being a software engineer, Matthew looked for a program or system that could replace the manual human labour involved in the role. He didn’t find one; so, like any good software engineer, he built his own instead.

That’s what ProcessPA is – an online platform that handles your meetings, minutes, agendas, distributions, action items and follow-ups. It also includes a searchable motion register, enabling you to produce evidence of motions carried on the spot when you need. And it’s versatile enough to use not just in parent associations, but community clubs, sporting clubs, charities, not-for-profits, chamber of commerce, body corporates – any organisation with a governance structure.

The vision of ProcessPA is to help committees with their processes via automation, making administration and governance easy and enjoyable. For more about ProcessPA and the people behind it, we recommend you visit the ProcessPA website.



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