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Calxa Discount Program

As the leading provider of budgeting software to nonprofits in Australia, Calxa simplifies budget and cashflow forecasting. Calxa software allows you to quickly and easily view, understand and present your financial information. Not only will Calxa make managing your finances easier, it will provide you the tools to create animated, professional and intuitive financial reports.

Calxa Premier Discount

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Calxa Premier is designed for nonprofit organisations that need all of Calxa’s budgeting and cashflow forecasting tools, as well as the flexibility of creating budgets at the departmental and project level. With Calxa Premier it’s easy to create professional, animated reports, charts and graphs that are simple for everyone to understand.

Calxa Premier integrates with MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero to simplify the process of budget creation and management and save you hours or even days every month.

Price: $1,440.00
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AUD $1,440