National Not-for-profit Technology Survey

Posted on 03/03/16 by Sean
The Not-for-profit Technology Survey is designed to provide valuable insights into the technology-related challenges faced by not-for-profit organisations. Connecting Up and Infoxchange ... Read More

$1 billion Microsoft donation is "great news" for Australian NFP organisations

Posted on 21/01/16 by Mathan Allington
Microsoft's $1 billion donation is "great news" for the Australian not-for-profit sector says Connecting Up CEO Anne Gawen. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a $1 billion donation... Read More

Christmas & New Year Hours

Posted on 24/12/15 by Mathan Allington

Annual Report - 2014/2015

Posted on 22/12/15 by Mathan Allington
There was much to celebrate over the 2014/2015 Financial Year (too much for a blog post!). For a full run down on the year that was, please download the PDF version (5MB).

Calxa hits $1million mark for donations, pledges $1 million more

Posted on 01/12/15 by Mathan Allington
Calxa CEO Mick Devine declares “When we made our pledge four years ago, we didn’t realise how soon we would fulfil our target. Knowing that hundreds of organisations... Read More
Donations program

Technology donations program registers millionth member globally

Posted on 18/11/15 by Mathan Allington
Today, TechSoup and Microsoft have joined forces to launch the world's first fully global technology donations platform in order to serve the rest of global civil society. Over the past 20 years,... Read More

6 Stages of a Major Gift Prospect

Posted on 18/11/15 by guest author
By Maria McDonnell - Blackbaud After managing a portfolio of over fifty major donors in a previous role, it was clear to me: there’s a science to fundraising. The moves management process was... Read More

Industry benchmarks: IT spend, client satisfaction, service deliverability, and managed services cost

Posted on 02/11/15 by R & G Technologies
This review will break down the industry benchmarks into four categories: IT spend, client satisfaction, service deliverability, and managed services cost. 1. IT spend According to a report... Read More
Connecting Up Conference

Call for Speakers - Connecting Up Conference 2016

Posted on 21/10/15 by Mathan Allington
Find out more about the 2016 Connecting Up Conference here. Guidelines for presenter submissions Each year Connecting Up receives great interest from potential speakers wishing to present at... Read More

Track your Volunteers within your Database

Posted on 20/10/15 by guest author
By Mark Scott - BlackbaudProperly managing your volunteers is critical to the success of your volunteer program. If it’s too hard to volunteer, recognition is lacking, or tasks for volunteers... Read More
Office 2016

What's new in Office 2016 for Windows

Posted on 01/10/15 by Mathan Allington
Your entire team can work more collaboratively by accessing important documents in the cloud, whenever they are needed. Office 2016 also offers new security, compliance, and deployment features,... Read More

How to Build An Effective Relationship With Your IT Partner

Posted on 29/09/15 by R & G Technologies
As Managing Director at R & G Technologies, I can tell you it’s important that both you and your IT provider invest in building a strong relationship. Why? Because strong relationships can create... Read More

6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Database

Posted on 23/09/15 by guest author
By Genn Stephen - Blackbaud Good data management is enabled through the following practices: 1. AccuracyMy surname is Stephen, not Stephens as people regularly record.  Each time I see “... Read More

Connecting Up Events Program 101

Posted on 08/09/15 by Tori Jaffer
Having stepped into the position of Events Officer a couple of months ago, I have noticed there are a lot of unknowns to our customers around our abundant Events Program. And whilst we always have... Read More

5 Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Posted on 25/08/15 by guest author
By Nick Roberts - MYOB 1. Access anywhere, any time With cloud accounting solutions, you don’t have to be tied to the one desktop computer (out the back of the store!). For example, ... Read More